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Mobile Etiquette
Kshitij Regmi & Arati Gurung
With every announcement from Nepal Telecom to open its prepaid mobile service, thousands of communication enthusiasts endue day in and out to be a part of the mobile world. The introduction of pre-paid mobile service has without doubt revolutionized Nepal.
The mobile phone provides freedom and flexibility, therefore becoming a new culture in itself. With the telecommunications office planning to distribute more lines, we can expect more of cell phones to be ringing in every nook and corner. This means more of noise pollution; add that with users who lack the sensibility of mobile etiquette and we have quite a scene.
Many of us have either been annoyed, irritated and troubled by thoughtless mobile communicators in hospitals, public transports and social gatherings. Usually our irritation with such people results in to a bad mood, affecting our work and our peers.
We thought it would be nice to share with you our experience of maintaining mobile decency. The following things should be considered for mobile etiquette.
1.  Road Safety:   Calls are important but even more so is safety. Remember its not only about you, the road is for everyone  If the call needs immediate attention, park your vehicle to the side and receive the call, otherwise let it be. No call is worth risking your life or others.
2.  Talk Slowly: You are talking to the person on the line, not to the neighborhood so speak casually into the phone. Shouting not only irritates others but also gives away important information. If you have a habit of talking loudly, work on it and until you improve, its better to you move away from the crowd and do the talking.
3. Leave a gathering to receive the call: If you are in a group or a meeting, it is considered good manners to excuse yourself from the group and receive your call. Sitting among everyone and making or receiving calls is improper.
4. Select Ring tones:  The cell phone ring tones speak volumes on what kind of a person you are. Loud and obnoxious ring tones bother everyone; even if it is not at the wrong time or the wrong place, a bad ring tone makes it so. Be very careful in selecting ring tones and its volume; keep a civil and pleasant tone.

Use the preset modes or better known as profiles which activates in  certain settings which allows you to be free; say when you are in a meeting or if you are a teacher, either turn your phone off or set your phone mode to vibration.  
4. Pay Attention: You might be a busy person and multi-tasking at a desk can be a wonderful model of efficiency, but when you receive a call and continue your super powers of multi-tasking, you can appear rude and inefficient. If the call is important enough to be received, it deserves your full attention.
5. Don’t boast: You may have the best mobile in the room or in the country but don’t show it off. Boasting about your cell phone is a sure way to turn people off. Let people notice it by themselves, don’t flash it in front of everyone’s eyes; its not considered a mature thing to do.
6. Don’t fiddle with other’s mobile phones: Not everyone likes other people meddling with their phones. If you are so interested, just look at and question; do not play or change settings on their handset. Don’t read others SMS or emails, it is equivalent to reading others' diaries and therefore is offensive.

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