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New Years Resolution

On every New Years Eve, many people make up resolutions. To some it might be a fad, a tradition, a ritual before tasting the first drop of booze. To others it might be something more than that. It could be a goal, a guide or a way to discipline and strengthen ones self. Such people look forward to setting resolutions every year and may feel bad when they aren’t able to keep them. Do you also feel bad while looking back over the passing year? While no one likes to fail, have it known that not all achieve their resolutions either.

Don’t be so hard on yourself: Sometimes we give it all our best and yet fail to achieve. Sometimes there are a number of other reasons to as why one fails. If you’ve really tried, you haven’t failed.

Don’t over burden yourself: The more and the bigger the resolutions, the more you pressure yourself. While some pressure is desirable, pressurizing yourself too much isn’t. By trying to keep so many resolutions you’ll only stress yourself out and disappoint yourself more when you end up achieving so little. Keep your resolutions to a manageable size.

Change your perspective: Don’t take New Years resolution as a test where you pass or fail. Consider the resolution as a self-discovery exercise to know your self better. Looking back at the previous year, how did you manage to achieve your goals? Or why weren’t you able to achieve some? This allows you to realize your strengths and understand your weaknesses. By understanding yourself, you can bring improvements in yourself.

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