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Be the man, your family needs…

Being a family man and head of the household isn’t easy. But this doesn’t mean it has to be filled with strife and confusion all the time! If you consider certain things and have a control over them, you can certainly be the man your family loves and needs.

There are few things you need to start up with. It maybe astonishing, but a man needs just five things to become a family man. A mirror, a quiet place, an open willing heart and an open mind; yes these are all the requirements! And here’s how to mix ’em to the family man recipe!

Self Reflection
As the man, the direction of the family rests on your shoulders so first you should recognize your responsibilities. Have you accepted it? Look at yourself honestly, evaluate your family priorities. Don’t criticize yourself for what for your mistakes; just understand what you’ve done, have not, and should do.

Evaluate the things that you’ve done in the past and their outcome.  Analyze them and evaluate their effectiveness. If you do this, you will certainly learn what changes to bring!

Since you are responsible to your family, know that whatever direction your family is headed, it is your fault. Taking responsibility for where you are helps you take responsibility for where it can go. Everyone plays a part so don't look at yourself as the victim or the innocent one.

How much priority should you give to your family? If you have the answer to how much you love your family, it will help you give direction in how you can move forward toward putting family first.

Digging Deep
As the man and the head of the household, it is your responsibility to create an atmosphere that allows love, nurturing, and growth to take place. If this is not happening at your home, how do you allow it to happen? Remember that being the family man means sacrifices. It isn't about always getting what you give out and wanting something back. It's about giving out when you don't feel it coming back, loving your family when they don't want to be loved, being the leader and giving direction when they don't want to be led.

Change & Adapt
Always be willing to change and adapt to new situations and circumstances. Allow yourself the freedom to grow as everyone around you grows. You also have to let your defenses down and let your family love you, and accept their love.

The biggest part of being a man and leading the family is making a commitment not just to your family, but to yourself, to your family and friends, and to God. Allow others hold you accountable (those that you intimately trust) so that you can be reminded of your commitment, and move ever forward.

Get started and make your family happier!


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