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Career Chic wears!

Gone are the days when you put on a one-piece outfit for work every morning. You can also carry on with this chic attitude of yours and go to work!

Not just any dress will do the job though! Save frilly or sexy dresses for the weekend and choose the structured looks instead. You’ll not only look polished and professional, it gives you that forever stylish look even when you’re heading off to work!
Below are some great work dresses.

Sheath Dress
Nothing beats the fitted sophistication of a sheath dress. In a not-too-girly color like gray, navy or black style, this silhouette can even feature add-ons like a pretty neckline without looking frivolous.

Shirt Dress

The button-front, belted shirtdress is almost universally flattering: it creates a strong vertical line to lengthen and slim the body, a belt creates or accentuates the waist and the collar brings your face into focus.


Designer Dress

Announce your status on the job with a can't-miss-who-made-it look. The status dress is great for young professionals in creative fields who have the body (and pocketbook) to carry off strong prints and silhouettes.


Jersey Dress

Look as good as you feel in a jersey dress for the job. This essential work dress is a great travel basic that you can take out of the suitcase and top with a jacket; it can be dressed up or down depending on accessories and shoes.


Red Power Dress

Forget the "power suit" of decades past: today's working woman knows that strength comes from powerful colors like red and clean lines.



Express your attitude along with the professionalism at work!


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