A walk in Gandhi Ashram

 - Photos and Text by: Dipendra Bajracharya


Mahatma Gandhi has been a source of inspiration to me ever since I was a school kid. He is a great man with deep understanding of human nature. He took Ahimsha as a powerful weapon to protest and made it known throughout the world. I respect Gandhi as a Great leader of non-violence.

I was in Sabarmati, Ahamedabad for a week. I was tired of a long train journey at the time I stepped first at Gandhi's place, but was equally fresh with the spirit of Sabarmati. I entered the Ashram and got confronted with pictures, writings and sculptures of Gandhiji. I was lost in recollections: the same figure, the writings and the same Gandhi I was used to 20 years ago, still the eyes were new, the feelings were new.

I stayed at Gandhi Ashram from where Gandhi did a historical march and movement like Salt March known as 'Dandi Yatra', Sarvodaya Shramandana Movement, Satyagraha and so on. Had I thought that I would be at Sabarmati one day?

The entire Ahamedabad was a museum for me. I don't know to what extent I am right but I found living gandhiness in everyone's face: Truly a gandhian life in appearance and conscience. I went over the streets and tried to understand the life there. Everyone I found in Gramoudhyog Khadi Bastra. Very simple in appearance and sincere in heart. The entire city is far from western fashion.

Gujraat. A place of violent communal fights. It associates a series of communal riots to my mind. But I was puzzled when I came to see the best example of religious co-existence. Representatives from all major religions came in a common ground on 30th February and shared a bond of religious co-existence.

Now Gujraat is different than what I had thought before and the Gandhi what I had known is just what I had heard. I am hungry to know and internalize Gandhi!


Maganlal Gandhi was Mahatma Gandhiji's nephew and his true follower since Phoenix Ashram days in South Africa. Gandhiji called him " the soul of the ashram" of which he was the architect and efficient manager. He introduces different upgraded designs of Charkha the spinning wheel. It became the symbol of revolution, which ultimately gave birth to khadi. On his death in 1928, Gandhiji remarked, " I have been widowed."

Gandhiji considered prayers as ultimate food for soul. It helped him in taking important personal and national decisions. Hence, before starting work in the morning and at the end in the evening, he regularly offered prayer with the ashramities at this place. They listened to Bhajans-hymns and, at times, reading from holy Gita, Quran and Bible.
When i was there the orphan and other children's are chanting hymns which gandiji's sang regular at same place. A place is located at bank of Sabarmati river and infront of Hridaya Kunj. All the participators were sat on sand and felt numerous vibrations since his departured.


This was mahatma gandhiji's home in the ashram named it Hridaya Kunj. Like the part of the body, this certainly located abode supplied energy to the entire place. Gandhiji lived here from 1918 to 1930. He left the Ashram in 1930 with a vow-"not to return to this Ashram till india became independent".


A students from Gujarat Vidhaypith, the university was established by Gandhi were participating there everyday assemble prayer and spinning the khadi at colleges premises. They mostly used khadi for everyday and every citizens love to do spinning and chants prayer hymns.

And all staff and gandhi followers were came together along with small handy charkha for remembering Gandhi and to condolences on 1 feb every years.

JAN 30

All local religious masters were sitting together at Hridaya Kunj on the occassion of Gandhi Death Ceremony. Hindu master, Christian master, Muslim master, Jainism master and a Buddhist monk according to right to left. They prayed as their believes for all soul.


A worker is making a khadi curtain on huge hand made machine at Kmal Punja. Kamal punja is place for making curtains, soaps and papers as Gandhian's theory. All products are hand made and they distribute all india for sales purpose.


A local gujarati wears gandhi dress and seated along with others locals girls who also wears khadi clothes.


The wooden made sketch can see at Gandhi Museum of Gujarat.


Chirman of Aharam Preservation and Memorial trust Mr. Amrit Modi, 78 years old at his work place.

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