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People who chose Nepal

-Sampada Malla

Chapter 1 begins….

Person: The Bossini man-Jayendra Shrestha
Age: 28 years
Venue: Shrestha’s beautiful residence & his office at Nagpokhari

Well, for all those folks who often pass by the exquisite Bossini showroom at Durbarmarg and keep blowing wonders on how its proud owner might look like- here is the real insight picture.

Reticent, soft spoken and a wise young man of few words-I doubt if I am being too fast on my judgments about him. For God’s sake, I have met him for the first time today and our friendship is only couple of hours old. But philosophers have said, “The first opinion is usually the last opinion.” More of that later.

Right now, his coyness rules him as Abhinav Kasaju captures him in photographs. He won’t pose and pirouette like a model but insists on following some serious and mature postures where his entrepreneurship qualities seem to spring life. More clicks gush forth around his lovely home. While he is already so occupied with photo shoots, I rush my eyes here and there. A traditional Newari styled balcony locally called as paati, traditional water spouts (dhungedhara) and porticos made from Newari tiles - all that rest sedately in his haven enthrall me. I can instantly make out his love for Nepali music as I see CDs of Ani Choying Dolma and an instrumental album named, “Yo man ta mero Nepali ho” among many others stacked in his rack. I am filled with umpteen curiosities within me and therefore I ask him, “When most Nepali youngsters are choosing abroad for their studies and career, what keeps you in Nepal?”

“Because my roots are here. This is the only place where I want to establish my distinctive identity and create milestones. I love Nepal so much.” Pat comes a reply and after delving his thoughts for some time, he adds, “Tell me one thing. Isn’t it better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big sea? For me, Nepal has untapped and unexplored opportunities where talented ones can make huge differences not only to themselves but also to the society. And again, life is so easier here compared to the robotic life in abroad.” I agree.

He trails through memory lane while explaining me, “When I decided to start Bossini, everyone was so apprehensive. They believed it wasn’t the right time as the Maoist insurgencies was in the peak. But I was confident of my decision and did not move back.” After gaining some work experiences from his family business, the urge to initiate something innovative was growing within him. He was well aware that Bossini, the international clothing brand was already popular among the Nepalese buyers. Says he, “Though nobody had official rights of the brand, wide ranges of Bossini clothes entered Nepal through gray markets. Therefore, I decided to be its sole official brand owner in Nepal. It took me a year to get the legal rights from its production units residing in Hong Kong.” And the rest is history. The success of Bossini speaks for itself which, like all other business houses in Nepal, has weathered various storms- from the Maoist insurgencies to regular Nepal Bandhas and most recently, even load shedding.

With the present politically instable Nepal, hasn’t he lost hope? Unfortunately, most Nepalese have and seem in a hurry to step out of their beautiful and naturally blessed country. Many renowned singers, artists, entrepreneurs, poets, journalists and anyone of Nepal wait in long tiring queues of various embassies to get their visas and make careers abroad. Sounding like a fierce tiger, he answers, “I think we are becoming very impatient and creating hills out of small things. There are problems everywhere in the world. Why run away from them? Presently, our country needs young and dynamic people to create positive changes. Despite of the pathetic situation of the country, I have huge hopes from Nepal.” 

His honest and candid words blended with the ingredients of respect and love make most of his listeners instantly want to trust and rely upon him. A hope for a better nation floats because here is a charismatic young man among few others who does what he says. Agreed that he has not crossed a stage where his past works pile proudly as proofs to his words and mind you, he is also very young for that. But this young lad has made a great start and an influential one too! As the vice president of Nepal Youths Entrepreneurs Foundation (NYEF), he plays an active role in the organization’s social movement entitled “Made in Nepal”. Explaining it more clearly, he says, “Its basic motto is to create awareness among people about Nepali products. In Nepal, we consumers buy imported products even if similar Nepali options are available. Like mineral water, cigarettes, wine, furniture- to name a few. This kind of act is degrading our national economy. Also, the foundation has been giving collateral free loans to many young entrepreneurs who do not have enough money for investments.”                    
Enough of serious talks. To light up the somber ambience, I ask him about his favorite pastimes. His eyes blushes as his lips do the talking, “I am mostly on the Internet either chatting or surfing around. I also spend lot of time with my large circle of friends hanging out.”  Where?  “Mostly Fire & Ice Restaurant in Thamel. I like having dinners outside. Only once a month, I eat my supper at home.”

More chitchats about his personal life follows. He talks about his family that consists of him, his two sisters and loving parents. He is single and hopefully ready to mingle. Finally, he is chattering in ease and a long lost smile spreads his face like a warm sunshine. Thank Lord! I silently compliment myself for having hit the right notes. As the background music fills up the room, I throw him one last question, “Which is your favorite place in Nepal?” Slowly comes a reply, “Pokhara” Smiling wittily at me, he bounces back, “That is one of the very few places I have visited.” That’s sad. So, before I leave, I drop a small advice for him, “Travel more, man.”

Your views on:

New Nepal: nothing good will happen unless educated young leaders take the    

Nepal’s leaders should be.. : Youngsters who have passed out from good colleges and are talented and dynamic.

Nepal’s politics: Degrading more and more. We are not yet ready for democracy.

The Next Generation: Should be able to stand on their own feet and work for community welfare.

You think CA Elections will take place? I hope so. It should happen.

Some laws of business sector that should be added in the new constitution: National industries should be safe guarded, import taxes should be increased.

If you were a Prime Minister of Nepal, you would…: Increase employment opportunities in Nepal and give vocational trainings to every manpower who goes abroad. Nepal can run the races with developed countries like US, Australia and Japan if: political stability happens.

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