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15 Things You Didn't Know Could Get You Thrown Out of a Vegas Casino

Sin City is, for the most part, an "anything goes" town. You can get away with stuff there you would never dream of doing at home.

But the casino floor is a different story. They are vastly structured environments with a litany of unwritten rules. You won’t find them posted on any warning signs, but committing what a casino considers an “offense” will set you on the fast track to the exit door. Quite possibly headfirst. And airborne.

With ceiling cameras recording your every move, and security guards and pit bosses constantly on the lookout, I turned to the "Ultimate Las Vegas Insider", Steve Striker, to find out what could get you bounced. Or worse, blacklisted.

1 - Swearing at the Poker Table
Losing or getting a "Bad-Beat" at the poker table can be understandably frustrating, but dropping F-Bombs at other players, the casino staff, or even audibly to yourself will get you a royal flush out the door.

2 - Touching Anyone Else's Chips
That's even if the chips belong to your best friend, who is playing at the same table, and it's OK with him. The pit boss doesn't care. A move towards any chips other than your own is treated as intent to steal. And stealing, Mr. Ocean, is bad.

3 - Making or Receiving Cell Phone Calls While at a Gaming Table
You can talk while walking through a casino or while watching the action, but no Blackberrys, cell phones, or other electronic gadgets may be used while seated at a game table. In a casino sports book, pagers and cell phones cannot be used at all.

4 - Trying to Film or Take Pictures on the Casino Floor
Sure you want to capture the moment your genius buddy splits a pair of 10's at the blackjack table, but casinos are notoriously camera-shy. And they're very inflexible with their "no photography allowed" rules, which are intended to protect the privacy of their guests and players. (And deter cheaters.)

5 - Bringing a Firearm or Knife Onto the Casino Floor (Even with a concealed weapons permit.)
There are huge sums of money going in and out of a casino. And you wouldn't want the pit boss to get the wrong idea. Carrying any weapon is strictly prohibited.

6 - Cigar Smoking on the Casino Floor
Gambling and cigars go together like gambling and cocktails, but the recent smoking ban in Las Vegas is beginning to work its way onto casino floors. Some locations will request you smoke your cigar in a designated area, others may ask you to leave and return when you are finished with your stogie. Sad, but true.

7 - Wearing a Disguise on the Casino Floor
Don't try to be cute or funny by wearing a fake mustache or wig, even if it's just a joke between you and your buddies. It'll trip the casino's facial recognition software and could set off security alarms, sending burly, tackle-happy guards your way. (And a Vegas jail is no place to be wearing a wig.)

8 - Walking Through the Casino With an OPEN Bottle of Alcohol (Except beer.)
There are few restrictions inside casinos regarding carrying drinks in cups (every casino's motto: "A Drinking Gambler is Our Favorite Gambler"), but chugging from a bottle of Jack is a cordial invitation to a security guard, who will either request you dispose of the bottle, move it into a different container, or escort you out.

9 - Carrying an Oversized Bag Onto the Gaming Floor
The hub of any Las Vegas resort is its casino floor, and the area must remain clear to assure everyone can access the games and remain safe as the crowds build. (And being on Terror Alert Magenta, or whatever we are, doesn't make typically suspicious security guards any less jumpy.) If you simply can't wait for some action, check your luggage with the bellhop. Break this rule, and you and your bags will be sent packing.

10 - Not carrying Your ID Onto the Casino Floor
It's the casino's prerogative to request to see ID from anyone, at any time, for any reason. Anyone under 21 will be escorted off the property immediately. If you're not able to prove your age or identity upon demand, you're gone too.

11 - Excessive Winning at Any Table or Game
Everyone loves a winner. Except when that winner is winning a suspiciously large amount of the casino's money.

12 - Trying to Pick Up a Prostitute, or Solicitation of Any Kind
No, it's not legal in Vegas, and yes, you can be arrested for it.

13 - Stopping With a Child or Anyone Under the Age of 21 on a Casino Floor
Hotels, especially the newer ones, are increasingly "family friendly", with shopping malls and attractions adjacent to the casino area. This makes walking through the casinos with kids a necessity. But stopping at a table or slot machine with those kids will get you tossed.

14 - Exposing Yourself in Any Way (Mooning Included)
We know it's your bachelor party. We know you were just trying to distract the best man because that's what you used to do during poker nights at the frat house. But what happens in your pants must stay in your pants.

15 - Trying to Access or Open "Employee Only" or "Restricted" Doors
Yes, the cocktail waitress is hot. And we understand you thought you had a connection. But when she disappears behind those doors, you don't follow. They're not gonna buy your "I thought it was the men's room" excuse on your way to lock-up.

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