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Let There Be Light. And Sound

Raise your hand if you've ever come home drunk and tripped over a speaker wire. Or spent an entire weekend fishing wires through the walls so they won't be seen. As well designed as some home theater systems are, the wires are still a pain in the ass. Wireless speakers help, as long as they fit the look of the room. Otherwise you're stuck trying to find a way to disguise them.

There are some good "pre-disguised" speaker systems available - the usual stuff: stack of old books, planters, oddly ornate urns - but Soundolier has one of the most unique.

Their new duo Wireless Speaker Lamp is a torchiere-style floor lamp with an omnidirectional wireless speaker hidden inside. The wireless transmitter supplies a digital signal within a 300-foot radius to an unlimited number of lamps, meaning you can bring the music (and light) to other rooms in the house too.

From the photo, I'm thinking they make a much better option to the pole mounted speakers you have to use when there is no wall to mount your rear speakers. And they're dimmer-controlled so you can lower the lights for the romantic video you rented to get her in the mood.

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