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Product Worship Tattoos: Apple Vs. Harley-Davidson

Who makes the biggest statement when it comes to inking the product you love on your body forever? The hardcore geeks take on the hardcore bikers in a Product Worship Tattoo ink-off: Apple vs. Harley-Davidson.

Here is an example of the classic logo tattoo. We know you've been using Mac since the days of Oregon Trial, but Harley has been around since 1903. When Grampa got his first tattoo on shore leave, it certainly didn't make you think of glossy blue buttons.

Location is important and the upper arm is a popular one. Helps accentuate those guns you've been working on. The only problem is if you sport a Harley tat, your guns are most likely flappin' in the breeze.

Color? Not for some guys. If you want to to show your dark side, go black.

When you need more space to express yourself, it's time to go big on the back. Why would you want to see the tattoo you just sat through and paid for? You know it's there.

Do these dudes have tramp stamps? The one on the right is a dude for sure... we hope.

The ladies get in the mix with a little tramp stamp action. Nothing says "I'm EASY to talk to" like a little ink down below.

You might want to throw the name on there... you wouldn't want to risk someone not recognizing the logo. This tattoo is synonymous with sleeveless shirts. Hey buddy, nice armpit hair.

Some props for what makes it run. If Microsoft made motorcycles just about everyone would own one and nobody would be happy about it.

Nothing says "Do Not Disturb" like the addition of a blade. FACT: Exactly zero of the Hell's Angels have Mac tattoos.

Go tribal. This sounded like a good idea at the time. What could be better than a brand tattoo multiplied by the coolness of tribal?

Couldn't find anyone with a broken down Harley tattoo to match this Mac error one. So we thought, where could we find a tattoo that illustrates a product in failure...

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