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Wandering Eyes? Let Science Explain

Did she catch your eyes slowly drifting down during last night's dinner conversation? Of course she did. She always does. Because your eyes always drift down during dinner conversations.

But now you have an excuse - wait, check that - an explanation: You can't help it because it's just the way we guys are hard-wired.

Seed Magazine recently reported on a study by Neilsen/Norman that tracked the eye movements of 255 men and women while being shown pictures of other people. Women tended to look at the person's face. Guys? Not surprisingly, we're all about the crotch. Not blatantly. But quick little glances. Even if the picture was of another guy.

The researchers explain this not as sexual attraction, but as a natural response to either check out the possibilities, or the competition. So explain to her that you're not being rude or disrespectful... you are just an innocent victim of your own evolution.

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