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"Fashion police" is a segment of eNasha which refers to the idea of an imaginary police force that make sure that people dress according to fashion. The term is jokingly used for self-appointed individuals who criticise and compliment others clothing and fashion sense. Keep updated as eNasha's Fashion Police bring you fashion's winners and culprits captured at public places!

Oh! we couldn't quite see what you were wearing that night. No prizes for guessing Kala jee, its because of your make up that dazzled all through the night. By the way, we heard that you often don't  quite recognize yourself in the mirror in some mornings as you wake up? We have no idea why, we swear.

 So you were wearing this really tight fitting jeans and a kinky leather boot huh! Mmm...on a second thought, we like your make up better.

Your fun loving spirit truly shines through you Nalina, regardless of what you are wearing.

Leather jacket with jogging shoes??!! Nah-uh not happening.

So, you're (Shubrat Acharya) this hotshot reporter of the almost too famous weekly Saptahik. But whoever told you putting on socks inside a peak-a-boo shoes is cool.

We know you're high. Just don't let your loosened tie, fold up sleeves and messy hair tell the story. Nevertheless, one greatly ensmebled outfit. 

Originality personified. Yogeshwor Amatya's flamboyant nature totally reflected in his exclusive outfit. The hat however was the cherry on top of the cake. 

Whatever Ciney was wearing that night, it looked great on her. The decent long dress definitely went along well with her personality.

Do you know Bishnu Chemjong...how close are you guys? Because it seems that you two drafted out the plan together: to wear total casual misfits for the evening, that is.

Prashna Shakya flaunting her sweetest best.

One of the best dressed femmes for the night she (Pallavi Dhakal) was. We would like to suggest, if only you could borrow a few make-up tips from Kala Subba. Statutory warning: Aping her completely, though, is injurious to your appearance.

We all love Ani Chhoying's simple appeal. But her matching orange ballerinas and maroon bag, is to die for.

Perfectly tailored suit, nicely polished shoes and a persona of a true gentleman, Basanta Chaudhary surely knows how to wear things right.

We are not a big fan of your choice of name that went from B for Bharat to V for Varat. But the checkered coat and those washed out jeans that you wore with white party shoes looked pretty good on you. Congratulations on pulling it off really well.


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