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"Fashion police" is a segment of eNasha which refers to the idea of an imaginary police force that make sure that people dress according to fashion. The term is jokingly used for self-appointed individuals who criticise and compliment others clothing and fashion sense. Keep updated as eNasha's Fashion Police bring you fashion's winners and culprits captured at public places!

Location: Hotel Annapurna, Poolside
Occasion : Bipana Thapa's wedding reception


Fresh, smart and tidy as ever, Ram Krishna Dhakal was one among the well dressed people that night.

A flowery, unbuttoned shirt at a wedding reception would have looked horrendous on some people, but not our superstar. He danced, he laughed, partied all through the nite... as suave and friendly as ever, Rajesh Hamal scores our points for truly standing out. 

You really thought you were posing for a movie poster now didn't you? Gotcha Bhuwan Jee. Anyways... nice outfit... suiting you perfectly....hey wait! And what's that in your shoes? Matching bow ties..in your shoes??!! If that's cool, Amitabh Bachhan is a dwarf:)

Jharana Thapa donning a sexy red sari...looking sizzling hot. Uhh..maybe Nepali heronis don't have as bad fashion sense after all.

Wooooops...........on a second thought........Nepali heronis do have a looooong way to go. Especially after seeing senior actress Neeruta Singh on a getup resembling someone from the junior kids annual play. Except for the white netty dress we're sure she stole that outfit from whoever was playing the character of the Red Riding Hood. 

Hey did you know Arunima Lamsal reads the crystal ball too...nobody told us...her dress did. And what was she thinking wearing those flat, ropey slippers to a wedding?!

Saris are the safest bets for a wedding. And Regina Upreti knows that....only her bikini blouse is kinda looking abnormal.

A day before his own marriage, Gagan Thapa looked pretty composed. And so does his outfit.

Ewwww....is the word...from her no-good bulging belly, to her hideous watch to her bangle that slipped all the way down her ankles. From the scars on her leg to the jhinga-la-la dress....Rekha Thapa sticking out her tongue is totally justified.

Too much make up darling!!! Your "Phooljhadi" getup may look great in the Nepali silver screen. Our advice: just try and learn something from the ordinary yet well dressed people around, will ya??

Whoa!!! Presenting to you sexiest, hottest, superstars of Kollywood......and you wonder why our movie industry got stuck somewhere since the last some decades?!

The hot, the sexy superstars....remember???

And the madness continues......

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