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Do you look like your pet?

What Your Pet Says About You

Labradors or Lorikeets? Stallions or Siamese? Whether or not you are running a bone-fide zoo or your place is pet-free, your pet says a lot about you. And the relationship you have with your pet speaks volumes about you and how you live your life.

Connections with pets are softer versions of our relationships with others. A cat can't answer back, so they can be the confidant and silent soother of tension we can't express to our human counterparts. The dog loves you no matter what your mood so they help us feel needed and give us a simple purpose.

The dynamic you have with your pet says a lot about your role with others. Do you walk your dog or does your dog walk you? If Fido is leading the way, chances are that asserting yourself is not your strength. On the other side, animal behavior often reflects their environment. There's a method to the madness when your long loving cat suddenly starts tearing up the furniture - are there changes in the household? A new baby? The dissolution of a relationship? Are your suitcases out, waiting to be packed?
Whatever the pet you pick, it says something about you. Here is a run-down of some of our favorite friends and what they say about their owners!

You are in for the long haul and enjoy lasting deep bonding from a place far within you that is impossible to ignore. Horses are an integral part of your life and you wouldn't have it any other way. Just don't love the animal more than a human partner! These folks tend to do best with other people who participate in their passion.

You love to give and receive emotion. You don't mind being counted on in sunshine or rain and consider the animal an extension of yourself. Even more so, you thrive when needed. You identify with your animal. This is why you have chosen a breed that reflects you. Why not? You love yourself and you love your dog. It's inevitable!

You enjoy a cuddle now and then but value independence as well. You don't need big loud expressions of emotion but hold dear the quieter moments of intimacy. You see others as complex mysteries to unravel but never solve and that's fine with you. You value your time in your home and want it to be warm and inviting.

You want things to be unique and eccentric. You value finding your own way and being choosy about who you love. You appreciate the less overt personalities that take time to discover and nurture. You like inside jokes and the quirky side of life.

Tropical Fish
You value aestheticism and collecting things. Visual expression is important to you. You find comfort in water and movement. You are looking to share experiences, sightsee and travel. You like keeping a piece of faraway land in your home.
Pets are a gift in our homes and whatever the animal you decide to co-habitate with, there is much to learn and gain from our creature friends. To get love is to give love. Pets embody that principle in a pure and wonderful form.

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