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Sex Appeal By Sign, Part 1

What's attractive about each sign from the first half of the zodiac (Aries - Virgo)

We all have our own ideas about which sign we're most attracted to. Maybe your high school boyfriend was a Gemini and you've been missing the twins ever since. Or your last ex was a Taurus, so you're dead set against locking horns again.

The truth is that each zodiac has something uniquely sexy to offer. In our next two Guides to Love, we'll break down sex appeal, one sign at a time. After all, there's no better time to get down and dirty than while the Sun is in Scorpio!

There's something undeniably appealing about a strong, courageous man. Aries personifies the heroic image represented in everything from comic books to romantic movies.

Not only are Aries bold leaders, they are exciting, confident adventurers. It's been said the Aries horns exist to offer protection when they dive head first into life. While the reality of such an impulsive nature may be hard to handle in a relationship, it's central to what makes Aries so charming.

Aries are independent, but don't mistake that for detachment. For the right person, an Aries will definitely play the game - and in fact, the Ram may even prefer a challenge. Aries' athletic, dominant nature makes them attractive in the most classic way.

Taureans are notoriously practical creatures who crave stability. For a partner whose own sign leaves life in chaos, the simple, peaceful nature of Taurus can be quite appealing.

Next to Aries, Taurus might at first glance seem a bit boring. But nothing could be further from the truth! Taurus people are deeply passionate about the pleasures of life, from music and clothing to food and art. They are moved by their senses -- a very attractive balance to their otherwise practical nature.

Though they are often conservative, they aren't prudes. Taureans are sexy because their sensuality crosses through every element in their lives -- from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Where Taurus lovers offer calm, Gemini lovers offer the storm. The dual personas of Geminis make them some of the most intriguing - and charming - people on earth.
Geminis are social butterflies who can flit from one conversation to the next without missing a beat. To some, the famous flirtatiousness of Geminis can come across as shallow, but in the end, their sharp wit and youthful energy make Geminis intoxicatingly fun to be with - and incredibly difficult to part from.

Geminis have an unending sense of adventure and imagination that can draw people to them in an almost magnetic way. Their sex appeal lies in a creative spirit and spark that is constantly changing - yet always attractive.

Just like a crab hiding itself under a shell for protection, Cancers are notorious for keeping their feelings to themselves. But buried beneath those protective layers, Cancers have unusually sensitive, nurturing spirits.

Anyone looking for a comforting soul will be turned on by Cancer's fiercely loyal and protective attitude. They have a unique ability to show care, concern and patience, which makes them appealing in a way that even the most jaded person can't deny.
The secret of Cancer sex appeal is the way their sensitivity translates into sentimentality and romance. Despite their tough exteriors, Cancers possess emotional depths that make them incredibly attractive.

Leos are known as proud, strong characters. They're always up for a good time - and ready to put on a show. Leos are famous for sweeping lovers off their feet with dramatically romantic gestures.

But even sexier than the Leo sense of grandeur and boldness is their playful, loving nature. In some ways they are more like cuddly kittens than roaring lions. Leos can be remarkably affectionate, with warm, generous spirits that you can't help but be charmed by.

The playful nature of Leos makes them especially good with kids. See a Leo running around with a bunch of kids, and you'll understand that a big part of his charm is his eternal youth.

Virgos are known for their attention to detail and ability to remain extremely focused. Not exactly sexy. But think about what happens when someone is that intensely focused on the object of his desire… and laser-focus suddenly seems smokin' hot.

Some people see Virgos as puritans, but really they are just purists - people who understand precisely what they want. Virgos have discriminating taste, but once they find something - or someone - they like, their passion is intensely focused.
Another aspect of the Virgo sex appeal lies in their understanding that intellectual stimulation can sometimes be the most intoxicating of all.

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