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Flirting Tips That Work

Get his attention, even if you're shy

Flirting. It's fun, heart wrenching, terrifying, exhilarating. It's also an ancient art, and the more you know, the more fun you'll have!

Here are some flirting tips that can get his attention - even if you're shy!

First, relax.
Flirting comes from a place of playfulness. It's a way to tip your toe in the water. You're tasting this person's energy. If you are a beginner, an open spirit and a smile is all you need to get started.

Then, play up your assets.
Whatever you have been complimented on, take it to the bank. If you have a great head of hair, take that extra time to style it just the way you like it. If you have legs to die for, buy more short skirts. You want to draw the eye to what is eye-catching. If you are someone whose personality takes over a room then wear something you like to talk about - maybe a great shirt you got while traveling or a pair of shoes that sparkle.
Next, work your sightline to your advantage.

Staring at someone from across the room may be what you want to do, but don't do it! Mystery is the key ingredient to successful flirting. You have to give a little, and then hold back a little. You can get a lot farther looking up as they pass by than you will from a lengthy, intense stare. That moment of eye contact forms a connection, and you send a message that you want to see this person more. Plus, if you catch them eyeing you, you know the feeling is mutual.

Let your gut guide you.
Trusting your instinct is the key to navigating the exciting (yet stomach turning) initial stages of mutual attraction. Don't give it all away in the beginning. Flirting is a game of catch. You toss your energy to have it received and returned. Make your first gestures and then wait and see if this person returns your admiration. If you are sending constant e-mails, buying cards and sending pictures of yourself in your lingerie, you are going WAY over the top! You have to let it build slowly, savoring each step of your seduction dance.

Don't forget to disappear now and then.
Give the object of your affection a chance to pine for you. Grant the person space for the feelings to well up inside so that the next time your paths cross you have even more allure than before. Anticipation is the sweetest aphrodisiac.

And finally, laugh - a lot!
Everyone likes to be around someone who has a sense of humor - which really means they like it when someone laughs at their jokes. Laughter and joy bring people together which is what flirting is really for - to beckon another closer to you.

When you flirt, you tell others that you love yourself enough to put yourself out there. You are deserving of love and you are ready to catch it. With a spirit of mystery and a laugh that rings through the party, it won't be long before someone is flirting with you.


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