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Ashish Syangden

His Trip to fame/success

You first noticed him on: The airwaves of Kantipur FM

You’ve definitely heard him in: Music Jam and colgate gel chart busters

Big Break: In the year 1997 along with his brother Prasan Syangden, The dynamic duo "Rhythm Brothers" as they like to call had everybody talking with their hip, youthful show " Music Jam".

What no one knows

True confession: I really hate making the bed, I have slept in an unmade bed for a month  

Passion: Cars, bikes and video games

Guilty pleasures: Food, food, food all the way and a little bit of whisky with coke



Birthday: 10th DEC               

Sun sign: Sagittarius              

Hometown: KTM       

Romantic status: Double and ready for trouble    


If you hadn’t been an RJ you’d be? 
I dunno

When was the last time you flirted?
A couple of hours back

When was the last time you cried? 
Uuuhhmm...i'm really runchhe. I cry even while watching movies …..I'm a very emotional guy

A talent you wish you had?
Well... not actually a talent, but I wish I could fly

Biggest misconception about you?
that I'm an Extrovert (which I'm not I just portray it… I'm actually a very shy guy)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your ego?        

Nepali political leader you trust?                
No one

Flashback to childhood… what were the growing years like? 
In just one word a "Spoilt brat" well I guess  that was 2 words

One quality about yourself that you dislike?         
My short temper….coz I've got into a lot of trouble because of that.

Do you cook?            
Ali Ali

The easiest way to make you lose your cool?  
Just take me anywhere hot and humid….I'll lose my cool just like that …right now too I'm hot and sweaty and might just lose my cool….. so ease out on the questions ok…hahaha             

Your biggest dream yet to achieve?
Get filthy rich and retire at the age of 50 in a life of luxury.

Things you wouldn't say to your wife?      
Only One thing….You've gained weight, honey! (In fact don't say that to any woman…)

Sexiest woman alive?           
Sophia Loren (now and then)

Best way to spend a Friday night? 
Hang out anywhere as long u have your close friends beside you

If you had a million dollars…
I'd put it in my savings account and just chillax for the rest of my life with the interest it generates…..remember you said a million dollars convert that into Nepali rupees……well why don't u do the maths ….am really bad at it.

Love, money, power, respect, family... order them according to your priority. 
Family, Money, love, respect and power

If you had a superpower it would be…
X-ray vision eyes

If you could go back in time you would….
Go back to the era when dinosaurs roamed the earth…I'm totally fascinated by these animals.

Nepal’s next best thing (from media, politics, sports...)
Right now the Maoists.

What's in your closet?
Nothing unusual… just the usual stuffs.. clothes… but what an unusual question.

Are you a brands person?

Is there anything you wont wear?
I would never wear thongs.... for sure :)

Food you can die for...  
Anything that’s got chicken and prawn

Your dream vacation spot...
Nowhere in particular but I'd love to go on a cruise around the world.

You're currently busy with...
A huge event coming up shortly… read the newspapers you'll get to know about it in a couple of days.

10 years from now...
I'll be 44 (laughs)

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