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"Fashion police" is a segment of eNasha which refers to the idea of an imaginary police force that make sure that people dress according to fashion. The term is jokingly used for self-appointed individuals who criticise and compliment others clothing and fashion sense. Keep updated as eNasha's Fashion Police bring you fashion's winners and culprits captured at public places!

Rishi Dhamala: "Lemmi ask you something Bhushan Jee....do you know why my nose is so long??"
Bhushan Dahal: Mmm...genes?!
Rishi Dhamala: "Nooooooo.........because I am a nosy guy... wat Bhushan Jee..
Bhushan Dahal: "You got me there".... hahahaha

Our Nepali heroines sure do look like a colorful bunch....let's sort them out one-by-one.

Now that's what we call Barbie gone bad.....Richa Ghimire taking mis-matching to a whole new level.......urghhh.....darling...you should've at least ironed your dress no!! Waateezzz....

Gosh.........no make-up, no necklace, hair tied into a bun and plain cotton Kurta?? to an official party??? Kollywood is in serious need of a stylish really .....Fashion police suggests Usha Poudel: get back to your glam get up girl ASAP.......Goshhhh.......

We love Sanchita Luitel's new hairdo. But we're still trying to figure out what was that she wore that nite.....kurta top?? or kurti??....no....pants or quarter pants because its folded.....mmmm.....all we're sure of is that her kurta or kurti's color got washed out and came down on her shoes...hmmm...we're pretty sure of that!!

Her tiger furred clutch and those safari boots look completely jungly....oh-so-literally. We wish .....oh so wish.....if only we could say one good thing about Rejina Uprety's get up.....:(

Image Channel beauties line up before CyberSansar MD Dipankar. Or....is it the other way round??? Fashion Police has absolutely no idea.

Especially after this photo Fashion Police comes to a decision so justifiably true that men by far have a better flair for dressing up than their female counterparts! .Three hottest Men in the party that night they are the men in black....from left RJ Asish Syangden , rock guitarist Manoj KC and RJ Prasan Syangden. And dear Manoj you can't get any taller than you already are....so stop stretching your neck like it would add a few more inches :P...seriously!!!

We could like... totally slaughter you for wearing that no-good yellow pull over with your not-so-white-not-so-cream-and-oh-so-not-yellow pants of yours and that hideous chain hanging alongside...but Satya, you being such a sweetheart we bail you out this time...but beware of Fashion Police's roving eyes the next time

We love Ashif Shah's sexy pink shirt......guys if you're not aware Pink is the new black for you....anyways...we wish you would have ironed your shirt too.....

Suraj  Singh Thakuri vouch for his clothes ensemble to never cost anything lesser than Rs. one and a half lakhs.....hmmm...so lets say Rs.10,000 for the shoes, Rs.10,000 for the pants, Rs.10,000 for the shirt and arrite Rs.20,000 for the blazer coat. That's Rs. 50,000 al together. We don't get it ? Where is the remaining One Lakh. Hmm...talk about investing in what touches the skin first ....... we were talking about his wrist watch...hmmmm:)

Kantipur TV Entertainment head Bhushan Dahal with his wife Kohinoor. Now Suraj Singh Thakuri yet again swore that Bhushan Dahal's one get up will never cost anything less than two or three lakhs.......you people do the adding up....... really!!!

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