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Past Life Dreams

What are they telling you?

Have you ever had an unusually vivid dream that was set in another time and place? Perhaps you saw yourself sitting in a horse-drawn carriage, wearing a high-necked, long dress that resembled the Victorian style from the 1800s. If you had the feeling upon waking that the dream was as real as your waking life, then you most likely witnessed a scenario from a past life.

How do you know if it's a past-life dream? Invariably, the clothing, environment, buildings and other elements look historic. Most important, there's a life-like quality about this kind of dream that makes a deep impression on you long afterward.

So why would you have such a dream? A past-life dream will come to you to shed light on issues you're dealing with now, issues that have their roots from a past life. The characters in the dream are usually people you're involved with in your present life. If you have some karma to work out with someone close to you, you may dream about a past life together so you can better understand the dynamic in your relationship - and move on. For instance, if you can't comprehend why you immediately disliked your sister's boyfriend, you may dream that you were unhappily married in the distant past, which will hopefully help you forgive each other and end the cycle of animosity.

That scenario resembles what happened to William from El, Paso, Texas. He had a stunning dream which he describes as "powerful and disturbing." In the opening scene he sees himself as a soldier during the Civil War. A woman tries to kill him, and he recognizes her as being an ex-girlfriend in this life. William explains, "I have had - and still have - numerous dreams involving this person. However, none have ever had the power or effect this one had. This dream occurred over two years ago and is every bit as strong in my memory now as then." The startlingly real historical elements suggest this is a past-life dream, which he describes in dramatic detail:

In the dream, I am a southern cavalry trooper embroiled in a skirmish. There is a brick home with a grass lawn and an orchard off to one side. There are not large numbers of soldiers or bodies in the dream, only a few mounted Confederate troopers and the remnants of a passing battle. I am on my horse with saber drawn, riding from the orchard across the lawn by a corner of the home, in the direction of a clothesline hung with white linen.

Suddenly, an exploding cannon round unhorses me and I land on the ground, semi-stunned and wounded in the hip. From behind the sheets, this woman from my past appears. We look at each other for a moment, then recognize each other. She then picks up a discarded rifle with bayonet and tries repeatedly to bayonet me while I am laying on the ground. I fend off the thrusts with my saber, when another exploding cannon shell mortally wounds her and she falls to the ground. I drag the both of us from the lawn, around a corner of the home and out of the conflict. I cradle her head in my lap and stare into her eyes. She says repeatedly to not ever leave her and that she "loves me." She then dies while I am holding her in my arms.

I immediately awoke, jolted upright, out of breath and on the verge of tears. The dream was extremely vivid, complete with the sound and smells of a battle taking place on a sunny spring morning. Everything in the dream appeared to be historically accurate and complete, from her red and white hound's-tooth dress with petticoats, to the yellow trim on my faded grey uniform. I dated this woman over 27 years ago and I am the one who broke it off. I did try to contact her some five or six years ago, to no avail (her decision). I have not had a repeat of this same dream or anything similar.

What's so fascinating about this dream is the woman's conflicted feelings about William. She tried to kill him and then professes she loves him. Whether or not this scene happened literally as described in the dream doesn't change the dream's message, which is to reveal the complex karmic tie between William and the woman - his ex-girlfriend. The dream came to William to help him resolve any lingering negative feelings he may have for her. Additionally, on a symbolic level, the dream may be mirroring William's inner battle over this relationship, or about love in general.

Past-life dreams help clarify what's happening in your life. They can explain why a relationship is so difficult, or why you're enmeshed in a challenging situation (karma!). This knowledge can help you resolve the past so you can move forward with increased freedom to a more fulfilling life - this time around.


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