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Winds of Change

-Kshitij Regmi

An advert published in  the Kantipur Daily this morning made me stop and stare. For me what this advertisement was saying was surprising. I was pleasantly shocked to see the Rastriya Baninjya Bank introducing  SMS banking facilities to its customers.

 I had grown up with the RBB. As a kid all our New Road shopping visits used to end at the RBB, as it did for several others at the time. For me and my kins the visit was even special as we could play and gain extra attention in the Banks' huge office where our grandma served as a teller.
As my grandma grew tired of the  dusty
old files and bronze metal tokens along with the filthy note counting, she quit her job and we evidently closed our account.  The service was too slow and too old. I belonged to a new generation hence chose a cleaner and faster bank to do my banking.

Aside from some feeble attempts to change, the RBB remained the same for ages. People came and people went, the RBB was a treasure for black listed businessmen who took peoples money and never returned. Everytime
I passed the building, I felt mixed emotions, as on the one hand the dusty concrete tower stood ignored,  and on the other, I hated how it made my childhood memories look like a big joke. With  private and public banks serving the customers and flooding them with all kinds of services, it has been tough for  the RBB to sustain in the changing market.

But in the last five years, the RBB has become one of the few organizations to have a complete makeover. Things could have been better for the RBB had they taken this initiative earlier. It looks like the winds of change has finally arrived for the RBB as they refresh and realize that the market is dynamic and all organizations, regardless of their size and reputaion, need to keep pace with the  flow to be in the market.

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