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Store it right

-Kshitij Regmi

The ever changing technological environment sometimes makes us wonder, is it possible to stay in track with this fast paced technology? I bought a 2-mega-pixel Sony digital camera five years ago; it was precious and very popular at every occasion. I paid a staggering twenty thousand rupees for the camera and the attention was well worth it.  Today my 2 MP digital camera looks like a toy in front of the other flashy 5-mega-pixel Cybershot series. But I try, with my 2 MP baby, I make sure no event is missed, I experiment my photographic know how and try to keep record of all the ‘Kodak moments’ but the result: too many photos and no space to save them, I end up having to choose between my wife’s’ friends’ pictures and my own (which is a very tight situation). Sound familiar? Read on.

If you’ve noticed, the hard disk never has enough space. We usually go through the emotional process of deleting pictures we took with so much of passion; and the same goes for the reports and files, which took our lunch, dinner and our sleep away from us while preparing it.

In the process of deleting date expired files and pictures, unorganized data can lead you to serious confusion and you might end up losing important information. Data back up is a big problem for most of us; there is always a risk of your computer crashing while CD’s and DVD’s cannot be trusted to hold your data forever.

If you’ve been nodding with this article so far, it seems you need help to organize and store your data carefully and safely. The following instructions will definitely help.


If you organize, 50% of your job is done. Name your files properly while organizing them so that backing them up becomes easier. Create a back up folder in the partition that does not have the system files. For example if you have your windows setup in C drive then create a back up folder in D drive.  If you are the type who takes too many pictures name the files and folders in a way that makes it easier to search for them through key words.

For example, if it's a wedding save the picture in the following folder. 
Save the file in D:BackupPictureswedding ohit weddingswayamber ohit_sumi 1

Next time if it’s your best friend Anup's wedding store the files in the following folder
D:Backuppicturesweddinganup weddingjantianup_manisha 2

Select files for Back up

It is not possible to create a backup file for that 40 GB hard disk you have, therefore it is important to select files the files you want to store. You cannot save all your music files. If Mukti and Revival songs are precious, so be it, you will always find a CD, give preference to your documents and pictures. (You can never recreate Anup's wedding, can you?)
Here are the files to give preference to while backing up.
• Bank records and other financial information
• Digital photographs
• Software you purchased and downloaded from the Internet
• Music you purchased and downloaded from the Internet
• Personal projects
• Your e-mail address book
• Your Microsoft Outlook and other emails
• Your Internet Explorer bookmarks
 (Watch out for further articles on backing up your emails in the coming days.)


After you have selected your important organized files, you need to make sure what you have as the storage medium for backing up. If you choose a good medium, chances are you won't have to lose hair when you lose that important email.

The following is a chart of popular back up mediums, their reliability and their cost according to our experience in storing data. 


Storage Space


(Safe Period)


Cheap DVD

4.7 GB and Higher


1 year

DVD Writer 2700 and Above

Branded DVD

4.7 GB & Higher


2-3 Years

DVD Writer 2700 and Above

Cheap CD

650 MB


1 Year

CD Writer

Branded CD

650 MB


2-3 Years

CD Writer


Fixed Hard Disk

40 GB- 200 GB


5- 7 Years


Portable USB Hard Disk

20 GB and above


5-7 Years


Flash Memory

128 MB- 2 GB


3-5 Years


Online Storage

2 GB – Unlimited
(you can get upto 5 GB of free online storage)

Free- 50 US $



The information provided above is based on personal experience and the prices are given in the round figure. It does not represent any organization and the readers are advised to make further research before selecting their mode of data back up.

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