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The World of Foodies

Have you ever wondered how much you spend on your foods every week? Hmmm quite obscure to calculate the accurate amount right???? And ever wondered how you rank with the rest of the world in the amount of money you spend on food in a week? Well…we have some great pictures along with the amount of cash each family spends in feeding themselves a week all around the world.

1. Germany - $500 a week for food

2. North Carolina, USA - $341.98 a week for food

3. Japan - $317.25 a week for food

4. Italy - $260 a week for food

5. Great Britain - $253 a week for food - I wonder if the dog on the table is part of the diet?!?

  6. Kuwait - $221.45 a week for food

7. Mexico - $189.09 a week for food

8. California, USA - $160 a week for food - Apparently it’s cheaper to eat on the West Coast of the U.S.A than the East Coast. See North Carolina above.

9. Beijing, China - $155.06 a week for food

10. Poland - $151 a week for food

11. Egypt - $68.53 a week for food

12. Mongolia - $40 a week for food

13. Ecuador - $31.55 a week for food

14. Bhutan - $5 a week for food

15. Breidjing Camp - $1.23 a week for food!!! {Sudanese refugees in Chad}

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