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NTC's  Optical Fiber Internet

Since the inception of Internet in Nepal, Intenet users have been using connections based on satellite link. Now Nepal Telecom has come up with the Internet connection service through an optical fiber linethat has been linked  with India . They are only providing dial-up surfing at this period; which means there will be phone bill associated with the surfing cost. The dial up  plan of Rs.250 per month is the cheapest offer till date. But as more and more people are choosing the broadband service through cable or wireless these days, this optical fiber Internet bandwidth will be best used if provided via broadband medium. Further the notion of ICT for development will be well suited  if the broadband will be accessible to people of all parts of Nepal. In its website, NTC mentions that the connection speed will be 3 times faster and there will be no satellite delays. We will have to see whether its just marketing words or the true broadband has arrived in the country.

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