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Mercantile Office Systems Launches New Acer Notebooks & Desktop Computers

More reasons to choose an Acer Notebooks & PC

Mercantile Office systems Authorized Distributor for Acer Products, one of the world's top 3 branded PC vendors, has announced the launch of its cutting edge ultra portable consumer notebook, Acer Aspire Timeline for the Nepalese market. The elegant new Aspire Timeline Notebook comes int the choice of either the Linux or the Vista Home Premium OS and is geared for impressive on-the-go performance and home entertainment.

Time is precious but elusive. We try to capture it, but it’s always fleeing. This has now come to an end. The new Acer Aspire Timeline series mark the beginning of a new era in mobile computing, an era when you have more time to get things done, stay connected and enjoy entertainment. And what’s more, Acer achieved this extraordinary result not by adding but by reducing. In fact, Acer based the new Aspire Timeline notebooks on a simple yet revolutionary idea: instead of making laptops with bulkier and heavier batteries so that they could have more autonomy, they made a series of notebooks which are more efficient, and capable to reduce energy consumption to the minimum to give you all time you want and no added weight .The result is more than eight hours battery life, so that you don’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of something important, and you have more time to learn, have fun and be productive .Acer designed the Aspire Timeline notebooks with the Acer Smart Power key, your gateway to power on-demand. The Acer Smart Power key extends battery life through advanced settings. Just press the Smart Power key to boost power saving capabilities and extend battery life, thus expanding your time of freedom even more than 8 hours. Specifically designed for energy-efficient performance,. At its thinnest point the Aspire Timeline is just 24 mm thick (less than one inch) and thanks to the aluminum cover it’s a featherweight, ranging from 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) for the 13.3” model up to just 2.4 kg (5.3 lb) for the 15.6”, making it both lighter and easier to carry around than anything else. The Aspire Timeline opens up a new dimension where lightness and more time meet and you have total freedom to get things done unhurriedly anywhere you want .One of the main complaints people have about notebooks is that they produce heat and after a while using them on your lap becomes uncomfortable. Acer Aspire Timeline use a cooling technology designed to improve user experience. Developed in collaboration with Intel, Laminar Wall Jet exploits a technology that has been used successfully for cooling turbine blades. Through the addition of louvers to the inlet vents, the cooling air flow is redirected along the bottom side of the notebook chassis, putting fresh air precisely where it’s needed to better cool the skin." Acer has always focused on bringing leading-edge technology to its customers regardless of market conditions” states Gianfranco Lanci, President and CEO of Acer Inc. “As a result, our customers expect longer battery life, thin and light form factors and great processing technology at an affordable price.  With the Aspire Timeline series and our partnership with Intel and their ultra low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo solutions, we are confident we have exceeded our customers’ expectations once again" The Aspire Timeline Series complies with the strictest Energy Star 5.0 prerequisites. This means that to earn an Energy Star label, the notebook must be more efficient also when using the power adapter. Acer Power Smart adapter does even more, as it consumes 66% less than required by Energy Star: this means that it saves 1,752 watt per year, the equivalent of a 15 watt bulb to be lit for 116 days. Plus, the Power Smart adapter enters adaptive charging mode automatically when the battery is fully charged this stops consuming energy and reduces the tear and wear on the battery. With the Acer Timeline notebooks the limits of space and time become blurred taking you in a dimension where you are the master of your time.

About Acer
Since its founding in 1976, Acer has constantly pursued the goal of breaking the barriers between people and technology. Focused on marketing its brand-name IT products around the globe, Acer ranks as the world's No. 3 vendor for total PCs and No. 2 for notebooks, with the fastest growth among the top-five players. A profitable and sustainable Channel Business Model is instrumental to Acer’s continued growth, while the successful mergers of Gateway and Packard Bell complete the company’s global footprint by strengthening its presence in the U.S., and enhancing its strong position in Europe. Acer Inc. employs 5,000 people worldwide. 2007 revenues reached US$14.07 billion. Over 30 years of making history in the fast-paced IT industry shows that Acer has walked in the right direction. Its far-reaching strategy of focusing on R& D and marketing development laid the foundations and created a company ready to embrace the challenges of the future.

AS for after sales service you can be assured that your notebook is in the hands of well-trained, qualified engineers. With Mercantile, you'll enjoy the protection and service that only a Pioneer company can provide. You can rely on Mercantile's service wherever business takes you.        

Acer presents the all-new Aspire Timeline series


The new Acer Aspire Timeline series mark the beginning of a new era in mobile computing, where users stay connected for a longer time with featherweight notebooks.

Long lasting battery life for all day computing
It is a simple yet revolutionary idea: a series of ultra thin and light notebooks that are more efficient, reducing energy consumption to the minimum for maximum usage time. The result is a notebook as light as 1.6kg, and with more than eight hours battery life, so that important tasks will not be interrupted by a loss of power.

Acer Comfy Touch Technology – An innovation with Intel Laminar Wall Jet Technology
Dedicated to improve user experience, Acer developed the Aspire Timeline by collaborating with Intel on a new cooling technology - Laminar Wall Jet Technology. Exploiting the technology that has been used successfully for cooling turbine blades Acer Comfy Touch technology was created to give thermal comfort of close to 6 degrees lower than the user’s skin temperature.

Ultra Thin and Lightweight
Acer broke another barrier by creating the finest and lightest notebooks to provide all-day computing. The Aspire timeline is 24mm (less than one inch) at its thinnest point. Its featherweight ranges from 1.6 kg for the 13.3” model up to just 1.9 kg for the 14”.
Go Eco-friendly with energy efficient components
The Aspire Timeline Series complies with the strictest Energy Star 5.0 prerequisites. It consumes 66% less than required by Energy StarPlus.

Available at all Acer Authorised Resellers from 19 June 2009. Recommended price Rps80,000.

Acer presents the Aspire G3730

The new Acer Aspire G3730 was created to give more people the opportunity to be connected to the rest of the world, inline with Acer’s mission to break the barrier between people and technology.  A low cost desktop, the slick new looking Acer Aspire G3730 combines tier one components and impeccable performance at a price that is unbeatable.  This dual core desktop comes with all the basic components as well as a DVD-RW, card reader and a 19” wide LCD monitor.  A truly value-for-money desktop.

Available at all Acer Authorised Resellers from 19 June 2009. Recommended price Rps42,000.

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