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Men: Top 10 turn offs
(That you could have prevented but ignored to)

Arati Gurung
Let’s face it, my dear men; women know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it when it comes to grooming. You may say you can’t stand the fuss she makes when department store runs out of her favorite hair color or when she says her appointment at the parlor cannot be cancelled for any reason whatsoever. Women do it because although you may not say it, you really don’t like it when she has hair growing from under her arms or when she ignores tattered remains of nail polish on her nails. Admit it: you like it when she makes the effort to keep nice and pretty. For you and for a couple more of really important reasons women make sure they groom themselves well, but have you ever thought about yourself?

Have you thought about the sweat stains on your shirt under your arms and the way it gives off that foul smell? Have you considered how she feels when your dirty fingernails reach up to feed her a slice of pizza? Well you ought to, because this is a big turn off for your woman. If you’re just starting out with her, then it can definitely change the route your relationship is taking.

After doing some soul searching with my gal pals, I’ve come down to the top 10 things men take for granted in the looks department and end up ruining their woman’s mood. Take a note of the following to check if you’re doing the same.
  1. Just because we like rough and strong hands doesn’t mean you have to have them coarse and dirty. Keep your masculine hands and nails the way we like it by regular moisturizing and cleaning.

  2. Yes we can’t get enough of them but we can’t stand them cracked and dry. Use a good chap stick.

  3. Trim your nose hair for they not only distract us from conversations but also keep us away from getting too close.

  4. Hair peeping out of your ears is just as bad so get it trimmed.

  5. You don’t have to have perfectly arched eyebrows but if you have a dense unibrow, please do away with it. Do not do it on your own, there are professionals who can do it for you.

  6. Just the way you like our skin soft and smooth, we would like to have your skin smooth to touch as well. Regular moisturizing helps.

  7.  That cool new John Players shirt stands as nothing if you’ve got flakes all over it, forget anything you may own – you have dandruff! Oiling and shampooing with the right products can get you to rid off those unwanted snow flakes.

  8. Bad breath is nothing but a party pooper, if you have that then forget about having anything else.

  9. There’s no chance of scoring if your ears have oil and wax pouring out of them. Use a clean dry cotton cloth to dab them out every morning.

  10. You know you can do away with the black heads and acne if you pay a little more attention.
The things above may appear miniscule and not important enough for you to spend your precious time on but take it from a woman, it’s the little things that matter to us the most. If you’ve been ignoring all of the above mentioned points then you are being plain terrible to your woman and of course everyone else around you. If you’re single I can only imagine the damage you have done to your reputation!
We like our men clean and smart, whatever be your style, sporty, hip-hop or casual. Just like you, we also appreciate the effort you put in to keep us attracted to you.

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