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 Footsteps In The Snow

~ The Cheeguz

“Strange ape-men have been seen in every region of the world – Experience your own encounter in these pages!!”

Nestled in the folds of undulating Himalayas, Nepal boasts 7 of the highest mountain-peaks in the world. The place where you’ll get the first glimpse of Mt. Everest, the magical place shrouded in mystery and folklore; and dwelling in the center of this Shangri-La is the elusive creature- Yeti.

Capturing the facilitation of millions for centuries, these giants have become stuff of legend and shedding light into the possibility of another humanoid life form is author David Hatcher Childress. “Yetis Sasquatch & Hairy Giants”, the book launched recently at Pilgrims Book Story, Thamel, revolves around the history and myth of the legend known as Yeti.

Amidst a large enthusiastic crowd, the author showcased a slideshow and briefed about the book. “Bigfoot, Sasquatch, skunk apes or Yetis all these creatures have been very famous in the past through myths and their activities in the wild,” revealed the author. The book has been a labor of research spanning two decades; the investigation is not only confined to Nepal but the whole world.

“There have been many instances of people coming in contact with Yetis in the Himalayan area of Nepal, Pakistan, India and Bhutan in Asia; also in the US and Poland, thus there is substantial proof that they exist,” he reasons.

Childress, who has published more than 25 books on various subjects, finds the topic of the Yeti very alluring. Getting all exciting he shares, “I firmly believe that the Yeti is real, and I hope to find more evidence to support my thesis.”

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