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Neel David: Time for a Change

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror inspite of your new clothes, your dashing smile and your charisma – it could be because of your boring old hairstyle. If only we could be guaranteed great looking hair. What wouldn't you do to get a new cut that compliments your features & looks, probably even reflects your personality? A good hairstyle has the ability to make a thousand heads turn if you’ve never felt the experience then you seriously need a new hajaam. Dude its time for a change - meet Neel David, Nepal's very own hot new hair stylist. Get to know him up close and we’ll see what keeps you from getting one of those fantastic salon treatments Neel David has to offer.

How did the journey begin?

I realized that there were very few qualified male hair stylists in Nepal, and so as I traveled to London, Singapore and other parts of world I learned a lot on male hair styling and I came back firmly with the decision of doing something new in this field.

Before doing anything I had to first change the people’s concept - we have a narrow perception on men’s hair styling and neither do we give much importance or emphasis to it. Hair plays a very important role in expressing our personality. People can build up a very strong personality and can even bring a change in their attitude with a change in their hairstyle.

After observing the concept of the people in Delhi, Singapore and London I decided to continue my academics in hairstyling and show people that even men can make a successful career out of hairstyling.


I had gone to New Delhi to continue my academics in Fashion Designing but later decided to give it up and switched to hair design instead. I completed my diploma in Hair Designing from Habibs Hair Academy, New Delhi from where I went to the Cosmo Hair Dressing School in Thailand. I then returned to Delhi, started my career as a makeup artist working at many places. I was even selected from Asia as the top 10 Hair Designers, which then took me to London for a months training on the topic. After returning from the training, I worked for many professional companies, made some money and I made up my mind to come back to Nepal and start my work here.

What is Neel David?

Neel David is a hairdressing salon. Currently I have two salons in Kathmandu; one in The Kathmandu Mall and the other in Binayak Complex Baneshwor.I am also providing training classes for students who are interested in hair designing. My future plans include opening a salon in Pokhara, giving the people there a new choice of hairstyles.

After that, I plan to travel to different parts of the country to organize seminars and programs for raising funds for orphanages and children’s homes. I am deeply inspired to do something for such children.

Neel David – sounds pretty foreign, how did you get your name?

I am originally from Jhapa, near Britamod, from a place called Laxmipur. A British man, Mr. David Vynal - my godfather who did so much for me, inspired me. It was him who made me Neel David. So I took up his first name and I’m using it as my brand name.

What’s the market like now?

When I started men’s hairstyling business, it did not appeal to the people. But now that society and lifestyle is changing, I’m getting a good response from people and from the market too. Hair enthusiasts love me for my work and I know hair styling will be a big business in the coming years

We hear you have quite a line of Celebrity customers?

Yes, my celebrity customer list include Sunil Thapa, Bipana Thapa, Namrata Jha, DJ Raju, Narayan Puri, Pujana Pradhan and Rameet Dhugana to name a few.

So you have female customers too, how much does your saloon charge for a normal cut?

Yes, we serve both men and women. The usual charge is Rs.250 for women and Rs.185 for men.

What are the popular hairstyles right now?

For young men, it’s the razor funky cutting style, while lately high lights are what’s popular among my female customers.

How often do people request for a celebrity cut?

Yes, people have all kinds of requests! Most of them have asked me to give them the Tom Cruise look. I suggest people to be themselves and make his or her own style depending on their face and body structure but if they insist on a celebrity style then that’s what they get.

You are often seen changing your appearance and your hairstyle, comment please.

Yes I change my hairstyle frequently. People know me as a hair designer so I have to be updated. I don’t want people to see me in same get up for a period of time. I think being a stylist we have to be fashionable and smart.

I believe I can change people as well as their thoughts

You can contact Neel David salons at Kathmandu Mall 4150058 and New Baneshwor 2004543.

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