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Subedi's unforgettable accounts

~The Cheeguz

Articles in Newspaper columns have a very short shelf life; they become stale after one read. Books on other hand are cherished and handed down generation to generation – and some of the stories are best not forgotten!

Exactly the thoughts of columnist Surya Subedi! Distilling the trials and tribulations of the 10 year long insurgency and the impact it had on the people living in rural areas, the 63 year old author presents a collection of stories, “Surya Subedika Kathaharu.”

In his illustrious, decade long freelance writing this is the first such work by Subedi. Priced at Rs 150, the 122-page book comprises of 30 moving tales, out of which nine have already been published in various newspapers and magazines.

At the recently held book launch event attended by many literate figures, littérateur Dr Abhi Subedi shared, “The collection is remarkable, for it tells the stories of all those unheard struggles, unfulfilled love and myriad emotions witnessed by the author himself.”

“The book is very close to my heart”, said Subedi. The book relays the plight of people that the author witnessed while he was involved in development activities of rural parts of eastern Nepal.

Portraying the zonal picture of eastern Nepal, from panoramic scene of Terethum to Dharan – the book should be a stark reality check for many.

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