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Sayami’s poetic fancy

~The Cheeguz

Many a feathers adorn the hat of Prakash Sayami - poet, filmmaker and a radio broadcaster, he’s all about exploring life’s creative avenues.

And gathering his snippets of poetic fancy spanning 30 years, Sayami is out with ‘Ghalibko Chihaan Ra Aru Kabita’. A collection of poems, songs and ghazals written in Nepali, Nepal Bhasa, Hindi and English, the book boasts 30 poems and 22 songs.

Unveiling the book jointly were journalist Rabindra Mishra, constitutional expert Bhimarjun Acharya and Ratna Lamichhane, wife of poet Shankar Lamichhane on July 6 at Academy Hall, Kamaladi.

“I was jailed in 2036 for the poem I wrote inspired by Bhutto’s assignation. That just fueled my desire to pen poems on political changes in the country,” shared Sayami.

“This collection of the poems depicts the various political changes country has faced from the revolution of 2036 to revolution of 2063,” added he, who revealed that ‘Timilai Dekheko Samaya’ as being his favorite.

Sayami’s songs ‘Jaha Bhamar Cha’ sung by Ram Bhakta Joshi, ‘Kasaiko Huna Nasakeko Ma’ by Deep Shrestha and ‘Timi Gayau Mero Zindagi Bata’ by Dipak Kharel have been included in the book.

“His poems are simple and intelligible even by just listening to them. His style is very casual and will be relevant for a long time as it talks about things related to life and the world,” said Rajendra Chapagain, President of Random Readers Society Nepal, Pokhara.

Included in the book are also the comments posted by his friends on Facebook.

Prakash Sayami declared half of the money collected from the sales of the book at the event would go to Rakshya Nepal, an NGO that works for female sex workers and their children in Nepal.

The book is priced at Rs 175 and is distributed by Educational Book House.

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