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Writing for a purpose

~The Cheeguz

Personal experiences jotted down for the world to savor, writer Sharda Sharma’s
travelogue “Bhuifulko Desh” is a stark depiction of life in Karnali region marred by political instability, lack of vision and corruption.

Brought to the market by Shangri-La Books, it was launched at an intimate setting organized at Gurukul Theater. Radhakumari Sharma, writer’s mother did the honors of releasing the book, priced at Rs 300.

“In simple language, Sharma has touched a very valid issue that somehow eludes country’s policymakers. The book raises the issues of state restructuring in simplified way,” shared political analyst Krishna Khanal.

Dr Professor Abhi Subedi was all praises for the author’s courageous writing. “The way Sharma has linked opinions, politics and other activities dealing with nature is praiseworthy, moreover the travelogue feels like an extension of author’s personality; she hasn’t lost the personal touch” said he.

A very humbled Sharma shared that walking on foot for several years has been the source of inspiration for the writing.

She also revealed her plans of investing the royalty from the book in the education of children in the Mid-Western region.

“I had saved Rs 400,000 for the Anamika Adhar Kosh by scrimping on my daughter’s wedding and cutting on unnecessary expenses. I don’t have any regrets for it was money well channeled,” said the author, who added, “The sum collected from the sales of my book will also go to the very fund. Your purchase will definitely benefit the children,” she added.

The book is available in the market under the banner ‘Bhuifulko Desh’ from Shangri-La Books and is priced at Rs 300.

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