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Keeping it sunny with the shades

Arati Gurung

Summer is just around the corner. The first thing that comes to mind when one speaks of summer is – no not short skirts and shorter tops - not everyone thinks the way you do! In general, the first thing that one thinks of when one steps out into the summer heat is – yes, where are my sunglasses, or I need to get a new pair of sunglasses or damn I’m glad I brought my sunglasses along!

Yes sunglasses or ‘shades’ as the youngsters call it, is the most important summer accessory next to sunscreen, which we will talk about some other time. What many of us Nepali’s have yet to understand is that more than just being a fashion accessory, our sunglasses should actually protect us from the sun’s rays. And that means not all the sunglasses available at the hip road stalls or even shops for that matter - qualify as the real thing. Another point to remember is, if you don’t have the right sun protection, you can damage your eyesight and also get nauseating headaches.

So here to save you the trouble, is a couple of important points you should bear in mind before you go out to get that perfect pair of sunglasses; as advised by eye specialists worldwide.

Aside from the sun, if you have to travel amidst plenty of dust, wind and pollution, then you cannot afford to do without a good pair of sunglasses.

The color of your sunglasses has no effect on the protection of the sun rays, but if you want to be particular, the colors gray, light green and brown are better than yellow, red and similar other colors.

Sorry but this is where plastic is the better option.  It’s better than glass because it’s not heavy therefore will not leave base marks on your face. You may run around and enjoy the many fun games that the sun brings when you know you can trust your plastic shades will let you. Also plastic does not break.

Opt for a pair that has a sticker that claims its ‘UV400’ or ‘100%UV protection’, but since manufacturers often falsely make the claim, its safest to pay extra for a reputed brand.

The best way to know if the sunglasses you’re about to purchase is real, is to hold them at an arm’s length and with one eye closed, look through the lens at any object. If the object seems to move or wobble as you move the glasses, the lens has imperfections and may cause headaches. If the lens is a good one the object will remain as it is no matter how much you shake the glass.

Choosing the right kind of frame depends a lot on what’s in fashion but more importantly it depends on what suits your facial structure. A word from the experts is that since the skin around the eye area is the most sensitive and most prone to early wrinkles, choosing a sunglass that covers the full eye area will help avoid those unwanted age-cheaters.

Yes, don’t they look adorable! But the truth is you shouldn’t encourage small children to wear sunglasses habitually- they’re likely to grow up unable to manage without them.

The same goes to you, wear your sunglasses only when you are in environments that disturb proper eyesight. Many people even wear them indoors and some are seen donning them long after the sun’s gone- that is not only unnecessary but is also a huge fashion faux.

So happy shades shopping! Take your time to find the one that’s made for you – because once you find the right pair it’s like being in the right relationship, you just know you can trust your shades to bring the best out of you even when you’re having the worst hair day of your life!

* Photo Courtesy : www.cybersansar.com

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