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Men Speak: women’s fashion that they just don’t get

Arati Gurung

I work alongside men; in fact I am the only woman in my office so I get to hear a lot about their conversations on women. I can’t help it; they can’t contain their excitement when they talk about us – it’s just that loud. Yes, men talk about women just as much as they do gadgets! Being in the entertainment section of the media, I get to hear who they think is hot and who they vote as a slut. A lot of men do not like huge ornaments, they don’t like the color difference between our face and neck and their favorite woman is one who smells like heaven. Some men can’t understand the need to go crazy about the latest sensation in ladies shoes - the ballerina flats – they claim if you add a tail it’ll look exactly like a mouse!

Men do remember a lot of what women wear- and all this time we thought they didn’t even notice! So this time on Men Speak, I decided to bring you what men think of women’s hottest fashion and trends, and which of them they just can’t understand! It’s amusing to hear what they have to say, check it out!

“I really don’t understand a single thing about women’s fashion. I don't understand high heels, the need for at least 20 pairs of shoes, tank tops, tube tops, halters, short skirts; the list goes on. However, the one thing that confuses me the most is their constant need for make-up. They say that the best make-up is the make up that does not show. So, what is the point of making up just to look not made up? Its not that it does not look nice, but there have been instances where it has left my mouth wide open.

Mascara, false eye-lashes, eye-shadow, lip-liner, gloss and what not... When used correctly adds to your beauty but most of the time it comes out looking like an amateur painter just practiced on your face.

The use of lip liner to make your lips look bigger is ridiculous. It does not fool anyone and besides that, it looks GROSS. Lets just face it not everyone is Angelina and more important is you don’t need to be. I might be a bit conservative when it comes to women but I find that women with lesser make up are more attractive comparatively. They do not need hide themselves behind the veil of cosmetics, as often said "Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder".

They spend a fortune on things that they really do not require but forget to do some simple things such as shave the hair above their lips(don't know if I should be mentioning this!). I think the bottom line is: Women are Gods’
most beautiful creation; they’re beautiful as they are, they absolutely do not need the make up.”

“Without doubt, women have more fashion sense than us but there are some styles that have failed to get my approval even if it maybe the hottest fashion trend for women. The best example is the low rise skinny jeans which look fabulous on some but for others who are a bit on the heavier side the style looks disgusting! Similarly tight tops that let the belly, the hip and every other excess fat protrude out from them are an absolute appetite destroyer! There is also the trend where women turn their hair a freaking yellow! It’s a big turn off for me and for a lot of men I know! It’s only foreigners who look good with blonde hair, why don’t our ladies keep it natural? And when I’m getting the chance let me also say that black nail polish is not sexy – it’s horrifying! I’ve seen some women even wear black lipstick! It’s not right; women are beautiful when they keep it natural and feminine, their innocence mixed with intelligence is what’s sexy – atleast that’s how I like my women!”

“I have been in the modeling business for so long and the one thing I can say I’ve learnt about women is that they live for fashion! Working with women, I have also learned to adjust with their styles that have the most unexpected colors and cuts! I have to admit though that it still is fashion because fashion is not just a statement of style but of expression too, it’s about change, so I guess I’ve never been too shocked or embarrassed with a girl’s sense of dressing. I try to see it from their point of view – I try to be a gentleman about it, ha-ha.”

“It is extremely sensitive to comment on what a woman is wearing. Everything looks so fascinating about them despite all the complaints of taking so much time to dress-up. However, there is one such “horrid” dress sense I have many times observed during summers at some places in Kathmandu.
Remember men drooling over Shakira-style or “Kata Laga”-style dress sense with a revealing g-string on low-waist jeans? Oh yes, I have to admit, that is quite a wonderful visual treat. However, it can be a real TURN OFF if it is accompanied by an untidily kept undergarment of low quality.

Many of my female colleagues do complain that it has become quite impossible to buy a “totally normal looking” pair of jeans and they usually have to check in at the men’s counter. But next time if you’re wearing a pair of low-waist jeans, do remember to top it up with great looking lingerie instead of ending up looking like Bridget Jones.
Anyhow, it is great to see women experimenting with their fashion sense. I always envy why men don’t have so much variety as women in fashion. Please keep up the great dress work, ladies!"

“For me, what a woman wears reflects her personality and emotion. The changing fashion scene apparently provides women to try out a countless number of new designs; the guys and I always complain it’s not fair how we don’t have that many choices! Yes, high fashion has caught up our ladies in Kathmandu and FTV has invaded a lot of what we see on the streets. The key point though is: whether or not someone fits into something!!! Everyone has the right to express themselves but it is also important to consider one’s physical attribute and not ridicule oneself and the people around by slipping into something that draws attention…but for all the wrong reasons!
Get what I mean!”

The gentlemen speak the truth; sometimes we ladies do tend to go overboard with style. Thanks men for your opinions, they’ll definitely be kept in mind the next time we decide to get something out of you!

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