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-Arjun Gurung

It’s the season of spring, that time of the year when flowers bloom and grasses grow. However, the down side of it is that the air is polluted by pollens from trees and flowers in the spring and from grasses in the summer. This is a troublesome time for people who are allergic to it. Allergies are not only annoying, but also a big interference to work, study and even sleep. 

So what is allergy? Allergy is defined as the hypersensitive reaction of the human body’s immune system to normally innocuous entities such as dust, pollen, or certain food. These entities are called allergens. In the spring and summer when pollen or dust flakes enter the eyes, nose or lungs, these allergens trigger the immune system in the body. The immune system of people who have allergies tend to overreact and produce antibodies. The antibodies attach to allergy cells, which release strong chemicals into the tissues. These chemicals are responsible for the irritation that the allergic person now begins to feel.

A running nose, watery eyes and repeated sneezing are common symptoms of allergy. Some other forms of allergy can be an itchy nose, congestion, itchy eyes, frequent throat clearing, nosebleeds and coughs.

Almost everyone is prone to allergies, but young kids are most likely to suffer from it the most.. Allergies can be inherited or can be the result of constant exposure to certain allergens over several years. Exposure to allergens when your body’s defense is weakened, like after being sick, may also contribute to the development of allergies.

If you or your child suffer from allergy to pollens, it is advised that you close the windows of your home and car. Stay indoors if possible, especially during the early mornings and early evenings, when pollen counts are the highest. Avoid drying clothes outside and shower up before going to bed. Incase of an allergic reaction, or in doubt, consult your family doctor.

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