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Men Smell

-Arati Gurung

Come summer come sweat and come sweat come smells. Daily showers would be ‘heavenly’, but with what we get in the name of water, that remains an almost impossible dream. Nature built women to perspire less than men, leaving men more prone to be victimized by stinking sweat. Also men tend to be more negligent on the hygiene part (in general), so summer becomes quite a problem for many of the women when their men start smelling like fish. So for her birthday, your anniversary, Valentines Day or whatever special occasion you may have coming soon why not gift your woman a better smelling you? The various tools a man can use to combat sweat odor are body sprays, deodorants, after shaves, Eau de toilettes, colognes and parfums.
A frequently asked question; are these liquids all the same? Sort of, but not. They are used interchangeably but they have their own characteristics. Here’s a quick way to understand their differences.

An Aftershave is, as the name suggests, applied after a shave. It will only last for about 2-3 hours so, it isn't effective if you want your fragrance to last all evening. Many aftershaves contain soothing and cooling ingredients, such as Aloe Vera. This helps soothe the skin after a shave. The alcohol contained will also close skin pores opened by the hot water from your shave.

An Eau de Toilette contains more perfume oil than the Aftershave, typically around 4%-8%. However EDT's contain too much oil to be put on the face, especially after shaving. You will probably come up all red and blotchy as a result.

An Eau de Cologne on the other hand will contain 2%-5% of perfume. Therefore, an Eau de Cologne should be a lighter and not so longer lasting fragrance. 

A lot of the time, a fragrance house will call an Eau de Toilette strength fragrance, a Cologne. Nine times out of ten, in men's fragrance, a Cologne will be of EDT strength.

A Parfum or Perfume is quite rare in Men's fragrance. A perfume contains 15%-30% Perfume Oil (the rest is alcohol). You'll only need a very tiny amount at the pulse points but it lasts for ages. They are very expensive though.

An Eau de Parfum is more concentrated in the oils than an Eau de Toilette. They are useful for men, who would like a stronger strength of the smell. They contain 8%-15% of the perfume oil, and these can last pretty much all day.

And finally Men's body splashes and sprays, in which the strength can vary quite a bit, including only 1%-4% of perfume oil.
Take it from the experts; a good body spray, deodorant, after-shave, Eau de toilette, cologne or parfum IS an investment. The most common use of ‘smell good liquid’ for men is the cologne, unless as mentioned above your personal needs require the other stronger forms.

Do not over apply. ‘Splashing’ on your cologne as they show it on those after-shave commercials is definite no-no. We all know that advertisements exaggerate. Leaving behind a trail of cologne is never a good thing. Like women’s perfume, it’s best when the person beside you just gets a whiff of it, just as they show it in the movies, just a hint of it, so that the other person craves for more of you, err it.

 If your cologne bottle does not have a spray nozzle, apply one finger over the bottle opening, tip the bottle over and evenly apply cologne on to your favorite application points (for many guys that could be behind the ears, the glandular points on the neck and the inner wrists). Try not to exceed one or two ’finger’ applications. Similarly, if your cologne bottle has a spray nozzle, keep the sprays limited to two sprays per application.

It's important to know that every scent or cologne smells different on every person. The way a scent takes to your body and your skin is a question of chemistry, and has to do with the chemical reaction between you and the particular fragrance. While your friend smells great in the latest Calvin Klein men's cologne, it could make you smell more like old socks. Never assume that what smells good on everyone else will smell good on you.
It’s always important to try cologne before purchasing it.

Throw away the old Old Spice and make way for some of the hottest new brands of colognes by Dolce and Gabanna, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein and Gianni Versace.

A change in personal fragrance is a great way to update and modify your style and look. Remember that like every other change in your style, make sure that your cologne matches your personality. With the perfect fragrance, you'll smell success in more ways than one.

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