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Weighty Issues In Summer

-Arjun Gurung

Ever asked your guy if there any thing he’s afraid of? Chances are he has said ‘no’. Well, just tell him that you’ve added 5 pounds to your frame and watch him grow white in the face. Truth is men are twice as scared as women when it comes to his girl getting heavier.

Summer, being the time to show off those sleek legs and flat stomach, is a hard season on the ladies. Without realizing it, you may be adding unwanted pounds. But how?

  • Summer time is when you crave for sweetened drinks and ice cream. All very high in sugar content. You may know it, but find it hard to avoid. Tsk, tsk. All you need is a little self control. 
  • Picnics, outings and get-togethers are seemingly innocent looking culprits. Be careful of how much you eat and what you eat.
  • The heat causes drowsiness and so naps are more frequent and longer than in other seasons. Inactivity adds those layers of fat. Try not to eat so much and indulge your self in some form of activity so that you do not fall asleep. 
  • Whether you sleep during the day or not, it is common to stay up late at night and also wake up late during summer. Not exactly the recommended lifestyle to remain stress free and healthy.
  • It is easier to avoid exercise during the summer because it's hot outside. You also get exhausted easier in the heat, thus reducing your time spent on exercise. Do try getting up earlier when the sun is not so strong or go for a swim. Get someone to accompany you in your workout. It’s easier and more fun if you have a partner. 
  • Days get longer so you are bound to also eat more meals. Make sure that you do not fall in that trap. Or make sure that extra meal is made of non fattening, low    calorie stuffs.
  • Stress is another factor that contributes in weight gain. Summer can be a hectic time of the year. With so much to do and the heat sapping your energy, even the smallest of work can seem big. Try retaining your cool and energy.


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