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Job Interviews: Give yourself a better chance

Whether you’re going for a job interview for the first time or not, there are some things you must take into consideration to create a good impression. The competition out there is tough enough already and sometimes you can lose that job by a small mistake. No matter how capable you are, you will be judged by the image you present on interview day. As they say, "First impression is the last impression". Nothing else could be further from the truth. Keeping that in mind we suggest you some pointers to follow the next time you go for a job interview.

1. Dress up the part: A person who dresses up well will be received well. No body wants to hire a person who doesn't realize the importance of creating a good image - be that personal or of that of the company.

2. Arrive on time: Being late for a job interview is a big turn off. What it signs is irresponsibility, lack of interest, indifference and disrespect.

3. Weak Handshake: A handshake is not merely a formality. Through a handshake a person can judge your energy, enthusiasm and confidence. Make a good firm handshake.

4. Attitude check: A passive or indifferent attitude to the job position, ceaseless bragging of talents and achievements are attitudes that will land you no job whatsoever. Modify your attitude to show you actually care about getting the job and are a good team player.

5. Talking too much: Answer questions to the point without expanding your answers too much. Don't waste your employer’s time.

6. Express yourself clearly: To be able to communicate is an essential trait almost all employers seek. Think things over before you open your mouth. A wrong or lousy answer might cost you the job.

7. Lack in interest in the company or its products: Take some time to conduct a research on your prospective employer or his products. Show genuine interests in the company or its products to show that you believe in them and can hence contribute effectively.

8. Confidence and poise: The employers can pretty much understand how nervous you are, but what they are searching for is a person who can speak confidently and handle himself under stress.

9. Lack of ambition: An ambitious person is a great asset to any organization. An ambitious person is full of energy and zest which he spreads around.  A lack of ambition shows your lack of direction.

10. Preparation: Anticipate probable questions your employer may ask and prepare your answers.

11. Condemnation of previous owner or job: Employers may ask you your reason for having left your previous job. Give facts for why you left without condemning or saying anything negative about your past employers. Refrain from giving too much of information.

12. Too much emphasis on money: Of course you’re looking for a job to earn money, but your main objective is getting a job offer. Money comes second. Estimating your new worth on the basis of your past salary may not be correct. The market may have changed.

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