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Are you sure no ones watching?

 -Arjun Gurung

With the invention of spy cameras, portable cameras that can be disguised as buttons or cameras that come equipped with mobiles, the threat on privacy has become a frightening issue. Small enough to be easily disguised, hidden or camouflaged, it is almost impossible to tell when you are being watched.

Being videoed for security reasons is a justifiable matter - but being taped for voyeur is a criminal activity. Hidden cameras could be just about anywhere from gym locker rooms, departmental trail rooms, public toilets, hotel rooms and in short just about anywhere. Privacy is something that is no longer a private thing.

With advancement of technology, gadgets have become smaller and more powerful. A camera so small that it can fit into a pinhole, capable of capturing videos in the dark and sufficient enough so as not to need any wires. SMS having progressed into MMS (Multimedia Mesaging Service), has only made things worse.

Incidences of spy cameras in Nepal have not been heard of, but it does not hurt to be aware of it. It's happening in the west, there are some cases reported in India and as with everything else, it just might hit Nepal. While it may not be possible to fend off all such attacks on privacy, we can do our best by being alert.

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