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-Kshitij Regmi

Following the recent introduction of Lenovo-branded PCs worldwide and in India, Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd   amid a group of journalist unveiled its plan to introduce Lenovo brand of products in Nepal.

The products include laptops, desktops, projectors and mobile phones.  Lenovo has established itself as a no. 1 in asia pacific, it has 65% of market share in asia's total branded computer market

Cybernetic Pvt. Ltd has also announced an enhanced distribution model using regional distributors identified to react faster to local reseller needs. These distributors will be in addition to the five national distributors in five development region. They have special plans to provide the students.

Branded computer users are not able to utilize proper service and support in branded computer market in Nepal, Cybernetics plans to  establish a genuine service center and a big showroom as per the international standards, with qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.

James Nyachoon the managing director for Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd said that they are adopting a new way of doing business and not just a product announcement.  Lenovo has plans for touching every element of the customer purchase and experience cycle from product, route to market, marketing to service and support.

Cybernetics plans to make the products available for consumers in city, villages and students in 'sahuliat darr' (special prices) and the owners will enjoy 3 years international warranty.  

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