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Hangover Busters

-Arjun Gurung

There’s nothing quite as fun as pubbing it with your friends – and theres nothing as worse as the   hangover that follows you like a black cloud the next morning and all day.

Visiting the restroom after a drink throws away more than just the booze you consumed. Alcohol consumption causes a chemical reaction in your body which results in dehydration, depletion of Vitamin A, B and C. As a result your mouth dries up, you feel nauseated, tired and dizzy and you get a headache that seemingly came from hell.

Unless all the alcohol is washed out of your system, your hangover will not disappear but by following some simple tips, you can make your hangover less of a pain in your.. uh, backside.

For those who can't stand the feeling that follows after having a drink quite too many, here are a few suggestions on getting rid of that sickly feeling.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water replaces the lost liquid and may also help the kidney filter and flush out the alcohol.
  2. Replace those lost Vitamins. Eggs, cheese, milk and almonds are rich in Vitamin A. Try bananas and tomato juice for vitamin B and Lemon juice for Vitamin C.
  3. Fill up your sorry stomach. Toasts, peanut butter, greasy and salty stuff like fries and chowmein are some nice choices.
  4. Some people swear that coffee and coke (the drink) are great cures. Take the coffee without the sugar. You may substitute the sugar with honey. Honey helps sooth the throat.
  5. Take a shower. Turn on the hot water and then cold and alternate it couple more times. A real refresher, works also when you haven’t had much sleep.
  6. Get it out. Stick two fingers into your mouth and purge.
  7. If its real bad, call in sick and go back to bed. A good sleep always deos the trick.

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