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New Year 2064 Eve at 1905

: 14th April 2007

Location:  1905, Kathmandu
Captured by: eNasha.com Team
Camera: Canon Powershot A710

DJ Biman, DJ Anish - guest DJ from Delhi and Preity Kaur making sure everyone does the leg work

Banker Radesh Pant with friends

Model Simla catches everyone's eye with her moves

Come on, I'll teach you how to dance for tomorrow

Whether its English or Nepali New Year, the celebration touches Nepali and foreigners equally

This is how I spread my wings

Happily dancing

Hey, I can sense something in your eyes

ANS Creation group, united for celebration

eNasha team, cooling off

DJ Anish - playing Delhi grooves

Man, we rock

She has the stage all to herself!

Dancing or fighting??
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