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Fashion Police investigates "Miss Nepal Closing Party"

"Fashion police" is a segment of eNasha which refers to the idea of an imaginary police force that make sure that people dress according to fashion. The term is jokingly used for self-appointed individuals who criticise and compliment others clothing and fashion sense. Keep updated as eNasha's Fashion Police bring you fashion's winners and culprits captured at public places!

 The best dressed of the night

Malvika Subba keeps the trends close and her style sense even closer.

Bows and dresses are where it's at these days.

Mrs. DJ Raju, Arina sure knows how to keep it stylish and comfortable.

Miss Nepal 1st runner up, Bandana Sharma flaunts her smile and her
curves with a beautiful sari, worn very well. The elegant, layered pearl
necklace is a perfect choice for this look.

What went wrong with these ladies?

Ruby Rana needs to throw away that sari; bad color combination.

Thank god for Usha Khadgi's good looks, it just about saves her from
this draping dress. The bare neck only adds on to the sagging look.

The lost and confused

Miss Nepal 2nd runner up Shweta Shah : the sari is beautiful,
but not the way it's been worn.

Miss Nepal, Sitashma Chand should know better than to come with a
school-girl hairdo and an attire that does not bring out the best of her

Prabha Amatya seems to have had a tough time deciding whether its summer or winter.

A change could do these guys good

DJ Raju should learn to feel confident in colors other than white.

We can’t pin point what it exactly is but something about Shobhana needs to change.


Mrs. Rachana’s confidence is great but we’d like to see her in more
glamorous wear too.

Until next time, this is eNasha's Fashion Police, now off duty. Dress your best; you never know where we might catch you!

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