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Get it Closer….


-Arjun Gurung 

Have you ever had that perfect shave? The perfect shave that doesn’t nick you and leaves your skin hairless and smooth to the touch? You might say “yes”, but the truth is you are too embarrassed to admit that you think you could do better. Being a man, shaving is a daily routine, and you’d be damned if you can’t do that right either. If you still deny that fact, don’t say you haven’t visited the ‘hajam’ lately for a shave! 

A good shave requires a lot of things besides the touch. Check out these tips and improvise your morning grooming techniques.

A really well soaked skin softens the whiskers for a shave. Wash your face with hot water and without wiping it dry proceed with your shave. You may shave after a shower or soak your face in warm water for the same effect. Wiping your face with a towel soaked in hot water gives similar results.

Lather it up good. Using your shaving brush, lather the face in a circular motion to lubricate the skin and get under the beard stubble. Then wet the brush head some more warm water and re-brush your face to create some more lather. Leaving it on for a minute or so will bring you better results as the lather soaks the skin to provide better lubrication.

Throw away those old blades and use sharper ones. Older blades, ones that are a week old, don’t give an even cut. If you are still using the old fashioned single or dual blades, invest in better ones like the Mach 3’s. The better the equipment, the easier it is to get a close shave.

Shave with the grain of the hair on your face. That means shave in the direction the hair, or beard grows. Going against the grain may irritate the skin. Apply even and light pressure on your strokes. Wash off the hair of the blades after each stroke.

After shaving wash your face once more with
warm water and then apply some sort of aftershave or moisturizer to protect and sooth the skin.

For special occasions try a double shave. Once shave lightly with the grain and rinse. Then reapply the lather but this time shave against the grain for a closer shave.

Once you’ve finished clean the blades and the brush properly. Flick the blades and the brush to get rid of the water before storing them away.

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