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New Kia Sportage

Sports & Utility Vehicle  or SUV's are  the ideal ways for commuting in Nepalese roads which are full of potholes and uneven paving that can be compared to the surface of moon. Since SUV's have high ground clearance
and have big tires than any other luxury cars , they are considered suitable for these kind of conditions.  Despite SUV's characteristics and its relevance to Nepalese riding conditions they do have higher price tags attached which makes them slightly expensive than the regular sedans.

Kia Motors has come up with a very clever solution to this pricing game by introducing the new Sportage SUV which comes in 2 wheel drive instead of the regular 4 wheel drive. This strategy makes its price significantly lower than its current 4 wheel model. This can be considered to be a very smart move by Kia which will help the company to create and hold the  new niche market of 2 wheel drive SUVs.

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