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Sarah & Sky's Wedding Party

: 22nd April 2007

Location:  Radisson Hotel
Captured by: eNasha.com Team
Camera: Canon Powershot A710

The Wedding reception party of Miss Nepal 2005 1st runner up and popular CyberSansar model Sarah Gurung . She is married to Sky Tetsuka, US based businessman of Japanese origin.

The reception party begins by cutting the cake.

"Here's for you honey!" says Sky.

A piece for mother-in-law.

Sky and Sarah - The perfect couple.

"I love it when he kisses me on my cheek" ,  Sarah told us.

Friends: Renessa, the rising choreogrpher who is known for her choreography in remix videos and CyberSansar model Sakura (check her photos at http://www.cybersansar.com/models/sakura/index.php )

Ex miss Nepal Usha Khadgi and hubby GP Timilsina

Fair & Handsome - Nalina and Sanjeev Mishra

Abhinav Kasaju (enasha.com/cybersansar.com)  hears from Girendra Rajbanshi (the Hidden Treasure) about the Miss Nepal event

Niraj Koirala (Fursad.com) and Nirajan Upretty, the lyricist (remember the song "Baleko Aago" by Rajeev Lohani)

DJ session turns the wedding party into dance party

The lovely ladies of the party

"Check out my latest move" says Nalina

Priyanka (model/presenter) surely knows how to enjoy

We are family!

Couple with Sarah's mom and granny.

Everyone's favorite Kabindra dai (photographer ModelSansar.com & CyberSansar.com) with Priyanaka

The choregrapher and the video maker : Renessa & Nimiesh

Dipankar, Renessa, Roshan Puri, Nimesh, Priyanka and her friend

Dipnakar, Roshan Puri, Preity, Nimesh (the one with sporting a shocked expression), Renessa & Prashant

It was the happiest day for Sky's mom (on the left)

The lovely ladies, again

"Put your hands up in the air,  your hands up in the air!"

Priyanka, Kabindra, Sarah and some fingers

"I will miss you my friend" says James to Sarah, meanwhile Ashish smiles for camera

"Nimesh, watch your hands man! You seem to be mistaken."

Not too drunk Prashant with Renessa and friends

"Wow, Preity can make faces" - Dipankar, James, Preity and Ashish

The Hidden Treasure and the Gold - Rupesh Shrestha, Girendra Rajbanshi, Sarah and Subarna Chhetri

eNasha and CyberSansar team with the couple

Spot the difference between the above photo and this one.

Step 1 - Get Close

Step 2 - Feel the passion

Step 3 - Kiss

Step 4 - Kiss more

Step 5 - Keep on kissing till the body arches to the ground

Parties are also meant for friends reunion.

Achyut jee in his trance mood, accompanied by "not too drunk" Prashant and RoshanPuri

"Hajur haru lai aaja ta fursad chha hola nai!" Achyut jee asking the friends from Fursad.com

Sky picks  up green salad while Sharah takes some curry

Chho chweet!

No chopsticks today, allow me.

"Hello! Can you hear me?" making a direct wire connection

There's something fisy here. "Not too drunk" Prashant feeds Sarah.

"Prashant if you feed my Sarah, I'll feed your model Sakura"

Japanese 'Dulha' strong enough to carry his Nepali "Dulhahi"

So pretty, even Aishwarya didn't look this good in her recent marriage

Sarah with mom and in-law

Couple with moms



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