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The ultimate arch

The shape of our eyebrows can make a huge difference in how we look. While the right form can enhance our appearance the wrong one can spoil everything else. Almost everyone knows a well groomed brow can be as effective as a mini face-lift; ask the men who get theirs done every fortnight! Yes, if your eyebrows are giving you trouble; it is wise to ask the professionals to have a look at it, even if you are a man!

Be it for women or men, shaping up that arch will do you good. But there are a few rules to shaping those eye brows right, keep the following in mind and make note of it the next time you’re in for a thread.

  • Do remove stray hairs growing above the brow line, but don’t alter its fundamental shape.
  • An overly shaped arch makes you look permanently surprised so do not slant your brows too high. On a petite face, high eyebrows make the eyes look smaller.
  • If you tweeze too much out to thin your brows, you will only end up emphasizing your nose.
  • Be wary of over plucking the space in between your eyes, the most natural look is to have a narrow gap not a broad one.
  • Never shorten your brows unless they’re long enough to be tied into a pony tail. The outermost tips should always be slimmer than the inside hedges.
  • The narrower your chin, the slimmer the outermost tips of your brows can be. Likewise if you have wider jaw, the brows should less finely at the ends.


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