Choosing the right Phone         

“Choosing a phone has similarities to that of choosing a partner” for making this statement some emotional hearts can kill me, some brains will ask me questions and I might end up sleeping in the couch the day my wife reads this article. But believe me, selecting phones is as complicated and requires a lot of research just as choosing your partner. Sometimes it’s easier too, you fall in love instantly. For some it needs a lot of suggestions and counseling to decide, the loyal do it because the family likes it. The complexity in decision making process resembles and if you don’t make the decision properly you will suffer in both cases.  We present you with some of our experience and will give you some information to help you purchase your mobile phone.
When phone companies are coming up with a new model almost every week, the challenge is even harder. There are hundreds of models to choose from different manufacturers. To add to the list there are some cheap Chinese models too which rightly serves the purpose of a phone-to talk- and also has some extra features to turn heads. We have developed a simple yet very effective “Mobile Phone buying process” (PBP)
The recommended six step mobile phone buying process (MPBP)
1. Identify your needs:
2. Set aside Budget
3. Conduct Market Search
4. Experiment
5. Evaluate Alternatives
6. Make the deal
Identify your needs: 
The first thing to do before buying your new mobile is to jot down features that are important for you. These features assist you in your day to day operations and help you organize your self. Some people might end up buying music based sets which will hardly help them with business deals. A PDA is recommended to a businessman, which will also fulfill your music needs. Another thing is size and shape and how you prefer to carry your handset. If you are a biker a non folding phone is the best option to squeeze in between the helmet and you ears. A flip phone may sustain injuries in such tight situations.
Some of the popular phone features include
  • Email capability (check with network carrier for compatibility)
  • Web browser (should be xml compatible)
  • Media Capabilities (look for mp3, mp4, wma and AAC+ compatibilities for audio and video)
  • Camera (higher the mega pixel the better, some will have zoom feature, flash)
  • Memory (If you will be using media capabilities, ie. Mp3 player or camera, look at memory size or expandable memory options via card)
  • Connectivity (some phones can connect to pc for synchronization and use as a modem, can be via infrared or cable)
  • Downloads (some phones will be able to download tones, themes and games. Check for polyphonic, real tone and java compatibility)
Set aside Budget:
If money is not a problem to you, you can skip this section but it is always recommended you develop a range you would want to spend on these items. Sometimes we get carried away by these beautiful gadgets and overspend and later realize we have no money to spend for the coming months. You don’t want to end up broke at your wedding anniversary, do you?
Conduct Market Search
Uniformity in price and quality is not our market style. Instead of trusting the old vendor that your friends use, stretch your legs during your lunch breaks and take a tour to the phone vendors and see if you have the products you need. Note down some important information such as price and color. Doing this will sometime help you find better product at a lesser price. In case of expensive PDA’s ordering it from Hong Kong and Bangkok is a better option. Do the hard work.
Your friend may be using a model you want to buy. Ask him about the good’s and the bads of the product. If possible use the features while you hang out in the restaurants. Try to use all the features and see the performance. This is the best way to experience a phone without buying it. You can do this at the vendors too but the vendors are not at all happy when you play with their toolsJ.  
Evaluate Alternatives
You don’t have to be an emotional buyer. You don’t have to do it just because your father did it. Sometime LG can be better than Samsung and Samsung better than Nokia. Make the Judgments based on the information you collected. Evaluate them on the basis of Style, Price and Features. Rate them in 10 points. The one that gets the maximum points wins the deal.
Make the deal
Well, well, after all that hard work, its now time to go to the shop and buy them. Before you hand your credit card to the vendor check the guarantee and warranty deals. The gadgets usually come out of the factory in special packages, with all the accessories and software’s required. Case: Once I found few numbers recorded in the phone book of my new mobile set. It was a used set, an attempt to dodge an aware customer. Make sure you do justice to your money.
Happy Buying

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