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Most women are of the misconception that men dig the all-sweet and well-mannered girl. To some extent that is true. The fact is, most men would prefer it if their girl showed them their wild side once in a while, even if it is only behind closed doors.

Ever wondered why the guys surround the wild and flirty “Chanchali” in college while you, the sweet “Pooja” are left standing unnoticed? Reason is guys love the thrill of action, and nothing comes closer to it than a wild girl on a manhunt spree. She’s the devil we’ve all been warned to avoid and yet we find ourselves having sold our soul to her.

So if you’re the good girl, good for you. The next step to being the ultimate goddess is to get a bit naughty (*remember naughty = seductive). Here are some ways you can get your man (or men) craving more for you. 

Be unpredictable: It works like a charm. Surprise him now and then with moves out of the blue. An unpredictable girl keeps a man on his toes. Keep him guessing!

Tease him: Let him have a sample of the things you hold in store, but refuse
to give him any access to the real stuff. It’ll kill him but at the moment he’d

rather die that way!

Let go of your self-control at times: Another way to be an unpredictable girl is to let go of your self-control at times. If you’ve ever wanted to laugh out
at a dirty joke, then do so. Or if you’ve ever wanted to get soaked in the downpour, you can try it once.

Dramatize: Why do we love actresses so much? Besides all the glamour, they put up an act. That’s what Chanchali does. She knows it works whenever she needs to grab our attention!

Fun mantra: The main mantra to being wild is to have fun. Do whatever pleases you. If you can fun, you can spread it around too! 

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