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You are with someone when you meet someone else you know. Do you introduce the person you are with or the person that you’ve just bumped into? And how do you do it? Is there any proper order of introducing people? Do you introduce women or do you introduce men first? Or is it okay to introduce anyone you prefer to first? Here are some rules to consider when introducing people. 

While introducing, talk to the most important person first. Those may be:

- on the basis of age and respect, like grandparents or parents or some other senior citizen.

For example: “Grandmother, this is my friend Kajal, Kajal this is my grandmother Mrs. Gurung.”

- a client with other members of the organization.

Example : “Mr. Shrestha, let me introduce you to my manager Mr.Dewan. Mr. Dewan, this is Mr. Shrestha, director of A and B corporations.”

Normally, men are introduced to women.

Example: “Mr. Lamsal, I’d like you to meet Mrs. Khadka.”

Unless the woman is a member of your family, she is not introduced to a man.
However, since the business world is gender neutral, we follow the rule of speaking to the most important person first.

“Mr. Sherpa, please meet Ms. Sharma. Ms. Sharma, this is Mr. Sherpa, the managing director of our company.”
Outsiders are introduced to family members if there is equality in age and position.
“Hari, meet my brother Shyam.”
Polish up your introducing etiquette and refine yourself. We hope you find this article informative.


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