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Finding the energy to succeed

-Arjun Gurung


What differentiates a successful man from an unsuccessful one? Who is a prodigy? The answer to these questions is a person who accomplishes much more in a shorter time than his competition. No doubt, most of us have dreams of reaching those heights. We start off pretty well but start to unravel along the road. Midway, we lose our focus and our dreams get blurry.


We all know the secret to achieving success in any thing is hard work. But what is the secret to working hard? The answer is to find the energy to perform. To work and keep on working requires the ability to discover the spring of energy within ourselves. The interesting part is it’s not as difficult as it sounds. The secret is to use the momentum to push you forward.


First of all you must set a goal and work on that at once. At first things will get a little tough as you overcome different barriers. Once you’re over all that you’ll realize that it doesn’t take as much energy as it initially did.


But how do you get all that energy in the first place? The answer to that is to act fast. The faster you act, the better you adapt and the more work you get done. As an effect you get better at your task and get encouraged. Acting fast gives you a head start over your competition.


To succeed anyone must have that sense of urgency in them. The need to get things done at once. This sense of urgency makes you do the best you can and also makes you feel better.


Make it a rule to always follow this sense of urgency. Apply this rule in whatever work you do. With constant repetition all this will come naturally to you. Working fast will help you increase your productivity and you will also find your self more focused.


Starting from right now, resolve to increase your speed in whatever task you do. You will come to realize that success is just barely beyond your reach – all it takes is some trying.


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