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Maximizing your Time

-Arjun Gurung

How well do you manage your time? Do you find yourself rushing at the last minute in most tasks? Have you ever wished you had more time? The truth is no one can ever get enough time… the only solution to this problem is to manage your time wisely.
Time is the probably the most important asset we have. Whether you are a student hoping for better grades or an office worker eying a promotion, if you can make the most of the time you have, you will be rewarded.
List the goals you want to achieve and start formulating a plan or means to achieve those goals at once.
The next step to maximize your time utility is to actually be aware of how well you are making use of your time. Calculate the time you spend on different activities in a normal day. Is their some time you could shave off some less important activities (like sleeping, watching TV) and invest them into something more important (like reading or working).
Next, calculate the available time you have on weekends. See if you can try squeezing a few hours of study or work in to your day of relaxation.
Plan your activities with a routine. Making a routine will help you prioritize your work and manage your time among the various activities.
Make a weekly review of your activities. Reviewing your work daily may consume important time and reviewing on a monthly basis might not bring you fast results.
Most people fail to manage their time because they fail to arrive at a decision quickly and when they do, they tend to change them frequently. Make sure you don't fall into the same trap!
By managing your time effectively, you will be working smarter and getting better results.

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