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Sky Phone: A better alternative

If there is anything hot in Kathmandu these days its NTC's GSM mobile sim cards. People are willing to use their fist and kicks to get one. Communciation and technology has changed peoples livestyle and suddenly being mobile is a prime necessity of urban dwellers.

Despite the popularity, NTC has not been able to fullfill the demand. The customers have their heart and soul for NTC sim cards and it looks like Nepal Telcom wants to divert the demand to a unpopular but arguably better CDMA mobile service SKY PHONE.

Today on bazzar we have for you an advertisement publised in Kantipur daily about the special reduced Sky Phone service from Nepal Telcom.

Users in the valley say that the phone has better connectivity then the current GSM connections and coul ld be the better alternative of the GSM mobile sim services. 

Read More about Sky Phone Service at:

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